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CRKT 2018. Scrub.

Что ж, у нас остался для освещения новенький нож от CRKT под названием Scrub.
В продаже он будет с самого начале следующего года, то есть, уже в январе. Стоимость в рознице составит 50 долларов.

Compact tactical neck knife takes ‘covert’ to new level.
Blade Length 3.939" (100.05 mm)
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Steel SK5 Carbon
Blade Finish Magnesium Phosphate
Blade Thickness 0.115" (2.92 mm)
Weight 2.6 oz. (74 g)
Handle Cord Wrapped
Style Fixed Blade Knife w/Sheath
Overall Length 7.375" (187.33 mm)
CRKT® is proud to release the Scrub™ compact tactical fixed blade. Designer Corey Brewer is turning heads with his first CRKT® design, invariably marking a long and productive future to come with the Oregon knife company.
This one is a paradox: it’s both remarkably simple and packed full of thoughtful details.
The 4” blade is carefully modeled after a traditional Persian pesh-kabz, renowned for both its strength and utility.
Brewer has brought both the shapely SK5 carbon steel blade and handles definitively into the future with a magnesium phosphate coating for extreme corrosion resistance.
For heightened utility options—from duty belt to covert carry—he’s wrapped both the handles and parts of the glass-reinforced nylon sheath with paracord.

At the end of the day, Brewer—a relatively young knife designer—says that his grand takeaway, and the advice he’d pass on to prospective designers is this, “if you want to break out and do something that makes you happy then you damn well can.”

The Scrub™: damn simple, damn near perfect.
The Scrub™ knife manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $49.99

А продолжение будет уже о топорах :)

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