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CRKT 2018. Offbeat.

Продолжаем наш CRKT-марафон :)
Сегодня у нас новинка по имени Offbeat, от дизайнера по имени Pat Crawford.

Хочу сказать, что я рада, что он вызвал интерес. Не всё так просто с этой моделью.
Она появится в продаже в 2018 году, в январе. Розничная цена должна составить 40 долларов.
Но, интересное, безусловно, не в этом.

Нож с уникальным дизайном и замечательной историей. Интерес вызывает и механизм Crawford Lockback и просто тот факт, что эта модель пришла к сегодняшему виду, начав "путь" в одна тысяча девятьсот семьдесят девятом году.
Теперь нам доступна довольно занятная вещица.
И вот здесь, в качестве отступления, скажу, что на эту модель лучше смотреть в реале. А ещё лучше попробовать походить с ней в качестве EDC.
Честно, не ожидала, что мне понравится. Это хорошо, да...
Knife from designer archives features unique locking mechanism.
The new Offbeat™ everyday carry folding knife is among the newest releases for CRKT®. Originally designed in 1979, Pat Crawford has honed and refined this out-of-the-ordinary pocket knife to perfection. Now, the new, unique Crawford Lockback mechanism is piquing the industry’s interest.
The utilitarian blade is a practical drop point and is deployed with a subtle ambidextrous thumb stud. It features a clean, satin finish. The handle is made of stainless steel and features a long, slender cutout along the back with a solid thumb stud at its terminus. As the blade is deployed, the cutout slides around the butt end of the blade until it reaches a notch along the backside. Then, the cutout seats snugly into place, effectively locking the blade in the open position. In this position, the harder you grip the handles, the more secure it becomes.
To disengage the Crawford Lockback and close the knife, push up on the thumb stud near the pivot area of the blade and fold it closed—a truly ‘offbeat’ way to unlock a folder.

When asked about the history of this unexpected knife, Crawford had much to say, “I was originally intrigued by a Boy Scout wire handle folder—this made me think about making the handle from solid piece of steel.
The original process I found back in 1979 required a good bit of work, but the result was always excellent. Now, with new technology, they’re much easier to produce. I’m looking forward to more people having access to it.”

The Offbeat™: a far cry from familiar.
Blade Length 3.522" (89.5 mm)
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Steel 8Cr14MoV
Blade Finish Satin
Blade Thickness 0.109" (2.7 mm)
Closed Length 4.483" (113.9 mm)
Weight 2.9 oz. (82.2 g)
Handles Stainless Steel
Style Folding Knife w/Lockback Safety
Overall Length 8.00" (203.2 mm)

The Offbeat™ knife manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $39.99
How the Crawford Lockback Works
Inspired by a wire-handled folder, Pat Crawford created the long cutout on the handle to slide around the butt end of the blade until it seats snugly into a notch. In this position, the harder you grip, the more secure it becomes.

Завтра продолжим :)
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