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CRKT 2018. Goken.

Итак, после моей публикации о новинках CRKT на разных площадках поступили запросы написать детально о семи моделях и о топорах ( к тому же, я обещала рассказать и о другой продукции бренда - всяких тактических девайсах ). Потому, я решила каждый день этой недели начинать с рассказа об одной из новинок.

Первый из семи  - Goken
Revered martial artist, tactical knife designer adds new elegant folder to lineup.

Нож, в котором чётко прослеживается характер двух дизайнеров к которым я отношусь с большой симпатией и уважением. Благодаря James Williams и Ken Onion у нас будет новая модель :)

В рознице нож появится в марте 2018 года, его стоимость составит 150 долларов.
Обзор-тест, возможно, будет раньше.

Together with James Williams, an expert in self defense tactics, CRKT®is releasing the Gōken™ tactical folding knife.
For ultimate utility and functionality, he designed it around Ken Onion’s new Field Strip technology so it can come fully apart in the field for maintenance and cleaning without tools.

The Gōken™ is aptly named—the Japanese wordis reserved for only those that embody fortitude.
The 3.7” modified Tanto blade is finished with a deep black powder coat.

This powerful workhorse is deployed from its tough G10 handles with an inconspicuous flipper and held fast with a locking liner amidany dirty job it may confront.
As is mentioned above, Williams was inspired by the practicality and capability of Field Strip technology during the design process.

His logic: what’s an everyday carry that doubles as a self-defense tool that can keep up inthe face of grimy adversity? When it comes to the inspiration behind the new, sleek tactical Gōken™, Williams draws from the well that inspired his last two big hitters.

“The Gōken™ follows the legacy of the Hissatsu™ and the Otanashi Noh Ken™ in the Samurai tradition of elegant and effective weapons.”Because a samurai sword won’t fit in your pocket, the Gōken™ will stand in its place.

How Field Strip WorksField Strip Technology lets you easily disassemble your knife for cleaning without tools.
To disassemble, close the knife, push the front release lever up.

Then spin the rear release wheel clockwise —once you feel the handle release, pull it up and away. Handles and blade come apart easily. To bring the knife back together, place the blade and handles into the closed position -press and hold the pivot. Once the pivot is seated correctly, rotate the release wheel counter-clockwise until snug.

Push front lever down. The knife is restored to full working order.

Blade Length : 3.693" (93.8 mm)
Blade Edge: Plain Edge
Blade Thickness: 0.136" (3.45 mm)
Closed Length: 4.854" (123.29 mm)
Handle: G10
Blade Steel: 1.4116 SS
Blade Finish: EDP Coating
Weight: 4.2 oz. (119 g)
Style: Folding Knife w/Locking Liner

The Gōken™ manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $150.00

продолжение следует...
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