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CRKT 2018. Technician.

New multi-tool designed with automotive technicians in mind.

Новый мультитул от CRKT ( и от Glenn Klecker)  - Technician.
Цена 89.99 $. Смотрим :)

CRKT® is proud to release the Technician™, a new multi-tool designed by Glenn Klecker. He set out to channel his renowned multi-tool design prowess into a utility-packed automotive technician’s daily doer. In short: he achieved just that.

The Technician™ is built for the discerning. It’s among the first multi-tools to feature a telescoping magnetic pick-up device. But that’s only scratching the surface. When open, the needle-nose pliers are backed up by grippers, wire cutters, and a wire stripper all built in corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
Close the tough G10 handles around itself, and you’ll gain quick access to the rest of the tools. On one side, the powerful magnetic pick-up device nests in with both a fine and rough file that also features a bottle opener and a strap cutter. A standard feeler gauge sits in snugly. Flip it around, and a no-frills slip-joint knife blade becomes accessible with a thumb stud along with a standard ¼” bit driver and a gasket scraper. To top it all off, the entire tool fits inside a tough nylon case with multiple carry options.
When asked about specific applications for the Technician™, Klecker responds, “This tool was packed full of utility for the shade-tree mechanic so that he doesn’t have to get out from under his car to go grab another tool.”

From the curious to the passionate, to the professional, the Technician™ fits the bill.

The Technician™ multi-tool manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $89.99

И характеристики. 

SKU: 9201
Open (pliers):              7.000" (177.8 mm)
Closed:                       4.453" (113.11 mm)
Blade Length              2.584" (65.63 mm)
Blade Edge                Plain
Blade Finish               Satin
Blade Thickness         0.097" (2.46 mm)
Weight                        11.8 oz. (335 g)
Handles                      G10
Style                           Multi-Tool

Вот. Для начала так. Гленна я знаю много-много лет. Он толковый дизайнер.
Посмотрим, что у них вышло сообща.
2018 год покажет :)
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