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CRKT. New. P.D.K.

Вы будете смеяться.. Но, это реально удобная вещь.

Вот люблю я карандаши: писать, чертить, пометки делать.

А что в карандаше важно? Правильно, чтобы был острым ;)

SKU:                2393H + 2393K
Blade:               Length: 2.602” (66.0 mm)
Edge: Plain Steel: 420J2

Finish: Satin
Thickness:        0.020” (0.5 mm)
Overall:             6.188” (157.1 mm)
Weight:             0.4 oz. (11.3 g)
Handle:             Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Style:                Disposable Utility Razor Blades

New lightweight hunting razor kit is insurance that your kit’s as sharp as your shot.
CRKT® has released the P.D.K (Precision Disposable Kit) utility hunting razors. This compact and extremely lightweight kit is meant to be thrown into a hunting pack and forgotten about—until you drop that 8 pointer.
This set of disposable utility hunting razor blades features four (#60) blades with protective sleeves. An ABS plastic handle with an ergonomic and comfortable grip comes prepped with a razor blade, and changing them out is simple, safe, and effective. If one starts to dull, simply toss it in the trash. The kit also comes with a pair of black nitrile disposable gloves. It’s available with black handles or safety orange.
There’s no doubt that your gutting and skinning knives are the cornerstones of your hunting pack, but it’s impossible to deny that fortune favors the prepared.
The P.D.K. is your insurance that you always have a razor sharp tool at arm’s reach.

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