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Blade Show 2017. Spyderco.

Spyderco один из моих любимых брендов :) Потому что там работают превосходные люди, прежде всего.
Да и продукция у них на уровне. Давайте посмотрим на некоторые новинки, которые они представили в Атланте пару дней тому.

Особое внимание, как мне показалось, сами представители фирмы уделяли моделе Hundred Pacer:

В принципе, весьма удобна.

Model Number - C225GP
Model Name - Hundred Pacer
Closed Length - 5.21”/132mm
Blade Length - 3.99”/101mm
Edge Length - 3.97”/101mm
Blade Thickness - .138”/3.5mm
Steel - CTS XHP

Designed by knife enthusiast Johnny Liao (а это нож в руках самого дизайнера) :

 и Johnny Liao собственной персоной :)

Далее у нас ножи, которые я прозвала Sauron))))) не хватает "глаз"  на рукоятках.

Spyderco’s remarkable Salt SeriesTM includes a complete selection of folding and fixed-blade knives crafted from advanced alloys that are completely immune to rust and saltwater corrosion. One of the latest and most stylish additions to this elite family of cutting tools is the Caribbean Salt—a stunning folding knife that is ideal for use in and around the water. The Caribbean Salt Leaf features a full-flat-ground, leaf-shaped blade that is precision machined from LC200N—a nitrogen-based martensitic steel that holds an edge extremely well and is completely rustproof. Available with either a PlainEdgeTM or SpyderEdgeTM, it includes a fully accessible Trademark Round HoleTM for easy, ambidextrous, one-handed opening. The blade is housed in a vibrantly colored handle featuring scales crafted from layered black and yellow G-10 laminate. The intricately machined pattern on the scales not only creates a non-slip texture, it also reveals the contrasting colors of the layers to create an attractive, high-visibility, striped design. Skeletonized stainless steel liners nested within the scales provide outstanding structural strength and form the foundation of the knife’s high-strength Compression LockTM mechanism. They also anchor a reversible titanium hourglass clip that supports convenient left or right-side tip-up carry to keep the Caribbean instantly accessible when needed. MSRP $254.95

А эту новинку Спайдерко выставляли на конкурс. Интересная модель. One-Eyed JackTM:

Designed by acclaimed custom knifemaker A.T. Barr, Spyderco’s One-Eyed Jack faithfully translates the painstaking craftsmanship of Barr’s prized handmade creations into an extraordinary factory-made folder. Its full-flat-ground PlainEdgeTM blade is crafted from premium CPM® S30V® stainless steel and includes a fully accessible Trademark Round Hole for easy one-handed opening with either hand. It is paired with a custom-quality handle featuring full, skeletonized stainless steel liners, stainless steel bolsters, and ivory G-10 scales.

The obverse scale is handsomely embellished with meticulously fitted black and red G-10 inlays of a spade and a heart, and both sides of the handle are thoughtfully contoured to provide a comfortable grip. As an extra touch of class, the stainless steel backspacer and the liners that form the foundation of the knife’s sturdy LinerLock mechanism proudly showcase intricate decorative filework. A deep-pocket wire clip mounted to the butt end of the reverse-side scale allows discreet carry, while keeping the knife poised for swift right-side, tip-up access. With craftsmanship that truly rivals the custom knife that inspired it, the One-Eyed Jack is a landmark achievement in manufacturing quality. MSRP $379.95

Closed Length - 3.54”/90mm
Blade Length - 2.49”/63mm
Edge Length - 2.42”/61mm
Blade Thickness - .118”/3.0mm
Steel - CPM S30V

И ещё ножички :)

И внезапное: свои симпатии я отдала -

этому ножу, да :)

Ещё вернёмся к спайдерковцам :)

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