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Chaparral Rafir Noble.

Спайдерко - это сплошной позитив!

Вот через какой нож можно еще столько мыльных пузырей выпустить? )))))

Но, сегодня об Chaparral Rafir Noble :)

OVERALL: 6.40in / 163mm
BLADE: 2.80in / 71mm
EDGE: 2.35in / 60mm
WEIGHT: 2.3oz / 65g
GRIND: Full-Flat
ORIGIN: Taiwan

The Chaparral is a plant native to the Western U.S. that is known for its amazing ability to regenerate after harsh weather conditions and even wildfires. Its resilient spirit makes it a fitting namesake for Spyderco’s Chaparral series of gentlemen’s knives. Similar to our SageTM series, which expresses the same basic knife with different lock mechanisms, the Chaparral series uses a standard folding knife format to highlight distinctive handle materials and texture patterns.

Designed to be the consummate lock-blade gentleman’s pocketknife, the basic Chaparral design is exceptionally thin to keep its weight to a minimum and ensure ease of carry. Its blade is expertly crafted from premium CTS® XHP particle metallurgy stainless steel for an exceptional balance of cutting performance, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. The versatile leaf-shaped blade is full-flat ground to create low-friction edge geometry and has an acute point that excels at detail work. A fully accessible Trademark Round HoleTM allows easy one-handed opening and, like the knife’s sturdy back lock mechanism, works equally well with either hand.
The refined handle shape common to all Chaparral models balances a full-sized grip and user friendly ergonomics with a slim, easily carried profile that tucks neatly into any pocket. In the open position, the juncture of the Chaparral’s blade and handle features a forefinger choil and a subtle thumb ramp on the spine of the blade. Both have jimping (textured grooves) and provide a solid purchase for the thumb and index finger for superior control during use. All Chaparral handles also include a reversible deep-pocket wire clip that provides discreet, ambidextrous tip-up carry.
Where the members of the Chaparral family show their individuality is in their state-of-the-art handle materials and textures. Joining the ranks of previous models, which showcase carbon fiber laminate and painstakingly machined titanium, the newest member of the Chaparral family introduces handle scales made from Raffir®. Manufactured in Denmark, Raffir is a strikingly beautiful composite material that encapsulates metal mesh in a durable, translucent resin. Available in many different color and metal combinations, Raffir has a stunning three-dimensional appearance that makes every scale truly unique. The Raffir Noble pattern chosen for our new Chaparral combines a durable, smoke-colored acrylic with a mixture of brass and copper mesh. When machined and polished to create knife scales, it reveals a stunning, semi-transparent, three-dimensional pattern with amazing visual depth and character. To ensure superior structural strength and further showcase its beauty, the Raffir scales are supported by full stainless steel liners.
The Chaparral Raffir Noble is a remarkable gentleman’s pocketknife that combines exceptional functionality with tremendous pride of ownership. We are extremely proud to add it to our Chaparral family of knives and are confident that you’ll be as excited about it as we are.

А кроме этого, можете полистать их новенький каталог ( середины 2017 года) :
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