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IWA 2017, Leica.

Leica Sport Optics всегда представляют на IWA интересные новинки.

Оптики на выставке, безусловно, не мало. Но, некоторые бренды заслуживают большего внимания.
Тем паче, 25 лет - красивая цифра. Будем смотреть :)

Leica celebrates 25 Years Rangefinding The Milestones of an Optical Pioneer.

Имя обязывает. А Leica - бренд с большой и славной историей, как никак.
Потому, внимание они уделяют даже малым деталям, включая оформление стенда.

Leica rangefinding. From 1992 to today.
Since the introduction of the world’s first binoculars with an integrated rangefinder, the Geovid, Leica is known for the unrivaled pioneer of rangefinding.
The Rangemaster LRF 800 is the first monocular rangefinder to enter the market. Its outstanding optical quality and compact design ensures it becomes an instant classic.
The Geovid HD range is launched: fluoride lenses ensure maximum color fidelity and contrast. 2010_ Introduction of the Rangemaster CRF 1600, setting a new benchmark for performance, precision and reliability.
An unprecedented level of accuracy becomes possible with the launch of the Rangemaster CRF 1600-B, a high-performance rangefinder with a market-leading intelligent ballistics system.
A revolution in sport optics: The new Geovid HD-B rangefinder binoculars boast a unique ballistics system and an integrated microSD card slot. Thanks to its integrated basic ballistics feature, the Rangemaster CRF1000-R wins a place on the must-have list for successful hunting in mountainous terrain
The Geovid HD-R, successors to the Geovid HD, unite proven characteristics and offer added value, especially useful when angle shooting, in the calculation and display of the equivalent horizontal range (EHR).
The new Geovid HD-R (Type 402/403) models, based on the third generation of binocular rangefinders, offer both the open ergonomic bridge of the revolutionary Geovid HD-B, and the proven ballistics functionality EHR.
The new Geovid 8x56 HD-R (type 500) is the further development of this new generation – the brightest and most compact rangefinder Leica has ever built. With the Geovid R rangefinders for the premium entry-level segment were launched, a line that focuses on the essential features and offers hunters everything they need. Additionally, the new CRF 2000-B and CRF 1600-R were introduced: Leica’s most powerful Rangemaster models to date.
 All Leica rangefinders are optimized and achieve impressive precision and range, both in terms of distance measurement and ballistic output values. In 2017, Leica celebrates 25 years of pioneering performance in binocular rangefinding – and will continue writing new chapters of this success story by presenting additional innovations.

Новинка 2017 года - Leica Visus 1-4x24 i LW ( в матовом и глянцевом исполнении) :

Диаметр объектива: 24 мм
Диапазон увеличения: 4-24x
Зум: 4x

Поле зрения при макс. увеличение (м / 100 м) : 3,2
Поле зрения при макс. увеличение (м / 100 м) : 11,5

Для нового прицела было разработано специальное защитное покрытие.
Представители фирмы говорили о том, что старались органично соединить классику и инновации.
Leica Visus 1–4 x 24 i LW matte – €1,400
Leica Visus 1–4 x 24 i LW matte (with rail) - €1,500
Leica Visus 1–4 x 24 i LW gloss - €1,700
Visus LW 2.5-10x42 i, matte - €1,550
Visus LW 2.5-10x42 i (with rail), matte - €1,650
Visus LW 2.5-10x42 i, gloss, €1,850
Visus LW 3-12x50 i, matte - €1,700
Visus LW 3-12x50 i (with rail), matte - €1,800
Visus LW 3-12x50 i, gloss, €2,000

Юбилейный уголок на стенде:

Исторический экскурс был в 2015 году :
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