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Shot Show 2017. Winchester.

Сегодня размещаю первую часть публикации о Winchester. Вторая, а быть может и третья, будет размещена после IWA 2017.

В этой же предлагаю вам посмотреть на самозарядное ружье Super X4, продолжение линейки Super X2 и Super X3.
В Вегасе были представленны варианты: SX 4, SX4 Waterfowl, SX 4 Field, SX Field compact.
Ценовой диапазон от 800 до 1070 долларов.

Ружье довольно лёгкое ( по факту оно легче своих предшественников).
Давайте посмотрим и стенд ребят на Shot Show 2017 и видео новинки, а также пресс-релиз :)

Winchester® Adds to Popular XPR® Rifle Line for 2017

Winchester® Repeating Arms is adding several new offerings to the bolt-action XPR® rifle line for 2017. This line of rifles has built a reputation for accuracy and dependability at a very affordable price.
New for 2017 is the XPR Hunter Mountain Country Range model. It features a polymer stock in the new Mossy Oak® Mountain Country Range camo. Other features found on the XPR include a M.O.A. trigger system, Perma-Cote™ matte blued metal surfaces to minimize glare, detachable box magazine, steel recoil lug, two position thumb safety and Inflex Technology Recoil Pad. It is available in many popular calibers from .243 Win. to .338 Win. Mag. Barrel length for short-action caliber rifles is 22”, short magnum and standard long action is 24” and long action magnum calibers is 26”.  Average weight is 6¾ - 7¼ lbs.  Suggested retail is $599.99.

Winchester Repeating Arms will also add two new XPR Hunter Compact models for 2017. The XPR Hunter Compact will be offered in popular short-action calibers from .243 Win. to 325 WSM short magnum calibers. Suggested retail is $549.99. The new XPR Hunter Compact Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country® camo version is offered in the same calibers with a suggested retail of $599.99. Both rifles offer a shorter, 13” length of pull that optimizes them for younger shooters and those with a smaller stature. Average weight is 6 ½ - 6 ¾ lbs. Barrel lengths are 20” on short action standard calibers and 22” on WSM calibers.
M.O.A. Trigger System
Bolt unlock button
Nickel Teflon® on bolt body
Detachable box magazine
Advanced polymer stock
Compact models feature shorter 13” length of pull
Perma-Cote® matte black metal surfaces
Inflex Technology Recoil Pad
Steel recoil lug
Receiver is machined from solid steel bar stock
Two-position thumb safety
Button-rifled, free-floated steel barrel
Recessed target crown

Это о главной новинке, которая была от них в Вегасе.

Впрочем, стенд был весьма уютен. Будет еще о чём вам рассказать. Как-никак 150 лет компании :)

и продолжение следует!

P.S. Стримы с Shot Show 2017 ( и не только ) здесь:
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