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Shot Show 2017. Nightforce.

Прекрасная компания с прекрасной "цифрой" - датой.

У них есть представители в нашей стране, которые на Shot Show присутствовали и на этом стенде были долго.
Им и карты в руки) Я же кратенько расскажу.

Что же было из новинок на легендарном стенде в этот раз? А вот, пожалуйста.

1. Два замечательных набора - Nightforce Cleaning Kit и Tool Kit :

The 12-piece Nightforce Optical Cleaning Kit includes cleaning and anti-fog sprays, several microfiber cleaning cloths, lens swabs, dust blower and lens brush, all in a compact zippered carrying case.  It contains everything a hunter or shooter could need for proper field or home care of fine optics that can be seriously damaged through improper cleaning.
The Nightforce Professional Tool Kit includes three torque limiters (25, 68 and 100 inch-lbs.), a 2-10 inch-lbs. driver, ratchet driver handle, square drive socket and four different ¼” drive bits (1/16”, 5/64”, T6 and T15) neatly packaged in a rugged, zippered case.  Tightening screws to the recommended torque settings is essential when mounting a riflescope or making adjustments on the scope itself.  Over-tightening can damage the screws and create stresses on the riflescope that can negatively affect accuracy and, in severe cases, damage the riflescope itself.  Under-tightening can leave riflescopes subject to recoil and movement which will also make accurate shooting impossible.
Nightforce Cleaning Kit retails for $50, the Tool Kit for $275.

Далее, Nightforce tripod:

Nightforce tripod: everything a shooter, hunter, photographer, hiker, wildlife observer or videographer could need.
The new Nightforce tripod was conceived as the ideal platform for Nightforce spotting scopes.
But, that was just the start.
Yes, the Nightforce tripod—built of lightweight but extremely strong carbon fiber (state of the art in tripod construction—with
its standard ¼”–20 mounting screw, provides a rock-steady base for Nightforce spotting scopes and virtually all still cameras.
Add the professional ball head with quick-release universal plate, allowing unlimited tilts and smooth pans, and you have the
perfect tripod for video production.
The legs detach easily, which is where its innovative design becomes apparent.
One leg can be used as a fully extendable monopod, in conjunction with the shooting rest, ball head or mounting screw, when
maximum portability combined with a sturdy rest is necessary.
Two legs can morph into adjustable trekking poles, complete with wrist straps.
The modular center column provides additional height, or can be removed to allow the tripod to be used mere inches above the ground.
Also included is a hook at the base of the column, allowing attachment of weight to provide additional stability in high winds or on uneven terrain.  The tripod and its accessories all store easily in a handsome, rugged soft carrying case, easily portable in the field.
The Nightforce tripod weighs just 3.6 pounds, and extends to 64 inches in height.  It can provide a sturdy platform as low as nine inches
above the ground.  It will support cameras, scopes, and other devices up to 17.5 pounds.
The tripod retails for US$395, substantially less than similar (but less capable) tripods within the photographic industry.

Пример :)

Затем, Nightforce SHV™ 5-20 x 56.

The popular Nightforce SHV™ 5-20 x 56, winner of Hunt Alaska magazine’s 2016 Editors’ Choice award, has been enhanced
with a lower profile, more convenient exposed elevation adjustment.
The tactical-style adjustment allows rapid elevation adjustments in the field without having to remove a cap.
While all other SHV™ second focal plane riflescopes have enclosed, hunting-style capped adjustments, it made sense to provide
a faster adjustment mechanism for the highest-magnification riflescope in the SHV™ product line.
The new elevation adjustment retains the proven ZeroSet™ technology that provides an instant return to the shooter’s pre-set
zero point, regardless of the number of elevation changes that have been made.

New Nightforce CompetitionTM SR Fixed 4.5 x 24:

Фото со стенда:

Небольшое видео:

Если что, всегда можно вернуться к ним. Материалы есть :)

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