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Shot Show 2017. Böker.

Böker крайне дружелюбные ребята с огромным ассортиментом. Новинок в том числе.

Стенд представляли американцы.  Европейцы были тоже, само собой, но больше на контроле/подмоге.
Их звёздный час будет в марте.
Потому, пишите заранее, что интересует больше всего.

На Shot Show 2017 они представили много новинок в лимитированых версиях.
А были и просто серийные, но интересные.
Приоритет в рекламе отдали -
Böker Tucan.

Many fans know solingen-based knifemaker Wilfried Gorski as an ingenious tinkerer. the designs of his mechanism undoubtedly deserve special attention. With the tucan, we present a unique combination of elegant spring knife, assisted opener, and manually deployed pocket knife, with the fascinating element being that all three features do not operate alternatively, but all at the same time. When actuated, the safety slide under the blade pivot deploys the blade slightly using spring force, whereupon the blade is subsequently fully deployed manually. the handle consists of premium satin finished titanium, creating an elegant contrast with the carbon fiber inlay in the scales and pivot screw.
The blade is made from N690 and features a two-tone finish. the small slide also disengages the blade for retracting.
A unique concept by Wilfried Gorski, executed as a highly exclusive, series- produced gentleman's folder by the boker Manufactory in Solingen.

Blade length: 27⁄8"; thickness: 2.5mm.
Overall length: 67⁄8". Weight: 2.9 oz.
Item No. 110652
$ 339.00

Следующий нож 2017 года -
Böker Plus Stowaway.
As a larger version of the exceedingly popular Boker Plus Credit Card Knife, the Stowaway is designed with the same extremely lightweight and slim form factor but features a significantly longer configuration while the materials are kept at the same thicknesses. Here as well, the handle is made from titanium, while a specially designed frame lock engages the 440C blade. A carbon fiber scale element conceals the blade and blade point toward the front when retracted. The retracted knife has a thickness of just over 3mm (without clip)!
This extremely lightweight, compact piece will prove itself as the perfect backup knife.
Blade length: 23⁄4". Overall length: 61⁄4". Weight: 1.1 oz.
Item No. 01BO029
$ 67.95

Безусловно, много классики ( пожалуй, она заслуживает отдельной темы, потому пока всего парочка образцов):

И здесь лимитка -
Böker special run applegate tanto ebony.

The young tanto version of the classic Applegate turns the trusted dagger into a versatile  eld and tactical knife.
This limited special run is characterized by scales made from dark ebony, which, in combination with the blue  fine ground  finish on the two-toned blade creates an especially refined appeal for this collectible.
154CM is used as the blade steel.
With considerable edge holding capability. Includes a premium leather sheath and certificate.
Strictly limited to 199 pieces worldwide.
Blade length: 57⁄8". Thickness: 4.4mm.
Overall length: 103⁄4". Weight: 8.7 oz.
Item No. 120643
$ 365.00

Интересные модели :

Böker GULO.

Steve Kelly from Montana is not only a consummate knifemaker. His titanium frame locks represent the peak of craftsmanship, and his Gulo truly adds value as a boker series knife. slim yet extremely strong titanium liners support the powdered metal, ball bearing hinged CPM 154 blade, turning the Gulo into an ideal everyday companion. But Steve Kelly's other source of business - ti-Connector - consists of fabricating titanium screws and parts for custom knife making. Many of the U.s. custom knifemakers have now started to use titanium screws from steve Kelly, and the series model from boker also features
A blade bearing and handle screws, thumb stud and spacers – all made from titanium by steve Kelly. The entirely unique appeal of this premium hardware gives the Gulo a particularly re ned visual touch that is further underscored by the exclusive bronze colored anodizing. We are therefore raising the bar for the exclusivity of the knives from our solingen manufactory to a new level by giving users and collectors alike an absolutely exceptional knife.
Blade length: 33⁄8". thickness: 3.3mm.
Overall length: 75⁄8". Weight: 3.9 oz.
Item No. 110655
$ 439.00

67 tITAN – designs from Jens Ansø continue to have a special status among boker folding knives. The unmistakable signature of the danish knifemaker stands head and shoulders above the mainstream, but still has a huge following.
The 67 titan special Run features a handle made completely from titanium – the back scale houses the frame lock, while the massive frontscale is also made from titanium and is highly contoured. the stonewash finish of the titanium scales emphasizes the horizontal satin finish of the blade and back liner. Includes removable pocket clip (tip-up).
limited to 199 pieces worldwide.
Blade length: 33⁄8". thickness: 4mm.
Overall length: 73⁄4". Weight: 6 oz.

– the Pipsqueak from Neil blackwood is living proof that a folder not always fits into a fixed category. The unusual proportions in combination with the exceedingly well conceived ergonomics generate a compact yet incredibly versatile knife for everyday carry and hunting. This limited edition model has a self-supporting front scale made from orange colored G-10, whereas the titanium back scale houses the framelock mechanism. the extremely durable powdered metal CPM-3V is used as the blade steel, which combines its high hardness (62-63 HRC) and edge-holding capabilities with unheard of breaking resistance. also features a stonewash blade finish, black G-10 liner, and pocket clip.
Limited to 199 pieces worldwide.
Blade length: 25⁄8". thickness: 3.9mm.
Overall length: 61⁄4". Weight: 4.5 oz.
Item No. 110523                  
$ 349.00

– With a blade thickness of 7mm, the Pry-Mate from Jesper Voxnaes is a knife that will stand up to any task. This exclusive version features orange colored G-10 handle scales, which are fully contoured and beautifully contrast with the stonewash  finish of the blade. The extremely durable and edge-holding, powdered metal PM-3V (62-63 HRC) is used for the blade, which not only ensures long edge life but also shines with its extraordinarily high resistance to breaking. This choice of steel for the Pry-Mate therefore represents an ideal enhancement of the overall concept, which was optimized in this special run to the edge of what is possible. Includes a Kydex sheath and belt adapter.
Limited to just 199 pieces worldwide.
Blade length: 33⁄8". Thickness: 7mm. Overall length: 61⁄2".
Weight: 6.3 oz.
Item No. 120514
$ 405.00

И ещё классика. Но, другая:

А вот и мой любимый цвет :)

A few years ago, when we called on our growing community of Facebook fans to contribute to the design of a desired model, this initiative resulted in a huge success; the Turbine FB Edition not only became an exceptionally beautiful knife,
but also  few off the shelves. In an effort to honor the support and lively involvement of our fans on our Facebook page, we decided to offer a particularly attractive and also limited edition custom model as a thank you for our [not only online] fans. The Turbine II FB Edition is based on the more compact Turbine II, but is equipped here with blue anodized handle scales, whose pronounced hue beautifully harmonizes with the rosewood inlay. Nitrogen alloyed X-15 T.N. is used as the blade steel, which has been a  fixed feature on the model since the Turbine was  first released.

The two-toned, satin  nished blade enhances the highly refined appeal and is opened with the  flipper or thumb stud. Includes pocket clip (tip up).
Limited to just 350 pieces worldwide.
Blade length: 31⁄8". Thickness: 3.5mm. Overall length: 7". Weight: 3.1 oz.
Item No. 110121
175 $.

Плюс немного образцов, которые довольно интересно смотрятся в реале:

Этот прямо очень нужен. Очень многим. Да.

Самый душевный на стенде:

Привет туристам!

И еще чуток:

Поговорим о них со временем.
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