Nataliya Grebenschikova (grebenschikova) wrote,
Nataliya Grebenschikova

Shot Show 2017. TNW Firearms Inc.

"One gun - six calibers" - новинка от TNW Firearms Inc.

TNW Firearms is proud to announce the newest caliber to Aero Survival Rifle line-up the .22LR.

The addition of the .22LR makes the Aero Survival Rifle even more versatile making it one gun that can fire up to 6 different calibers with simple conversion kits. You are now able to get the Aero Survival Rifle in 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, 10mm, .357SIG, and .22LR The ASR is lightweight, compact and features easy take down for storage and portability.

The rifle was designed to accept most AR15 accessories including stocks and grips and uses regularly available Glock style magazines. The .22LR will use Remington magazines.
For left handed shooters is can easily converted to a left or right handed eject.
Available in multiple colors including anodized Black, OD Green, Dark Earth and Variegated Tiger Green and Pink.

Да, недорого :)

Price: $829.00

Tags: guns, las vegas, new, rifle, выставка, новинка, оружие

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