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Eldris wins Scandinavian Outdoor Award!

Поздравляю Morakniv!!! Искренне и от всей души :) Не сомневалась ;)

Я об этой теме

The jury was unanimous: Eldris is a winner. The pocket size knife from Morakniv was awarded the prestigious Scandinavian Outdoor Award at the OutDoor fair in Friedrichshafen.

Morakniv Eldris is a pocket size fixed blade knife with a precision blade and ground spine compatible with a fire starter. It’s compact design and over all-round convenience adds something entirely new to the outdoor world. This was acknowledged by the jury of the Scandinavian Outdoor Award who named Morakniv Eldris the winner in the category Hardware Award.

- We’re extremely proud and happy that Eldris is being acknowledged this award. At the same time, I have to admit we kind of saw it coming. Ever since we first introduced Eldris the response has been overwhelming and very positive. People from all over the world are cheering us on and are longing to get their example – preferably one in each color. The thing that inspires us most is that we seem to have designed a product that attracts a variety of users. The hunter wants to use it to work with his game, climbers and divers sees the small handy size, and the outdoor enthusiasts wants the all-round pocket size or neck knife that’s always close by, says Björn Åkerblom, Marketing Manager at Morakniv.

The jury motivation:

“The simplicity and the function in the design is the innovation, the jury agrees on the Moraknive Eldris. For a knife of its small size, its balance and the good feel in the hand is exceptional. The sheath and knife material appear extremely durable and the sheath design provides secure carrying and stowing capability. The jury also likes the fact the knife, all materials and the packaging are produced locally by the company.”

Eldris is available during the fall of 2016.

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