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Morakniv, Böker - новости официальные и не очень официальные :)

Eldris, новинка 2016, не успев в количестве попасть к потребителю, уже может стать призёром :

Eldris for the win at OutDoor
The pocket size knife Eldris has created a buzz in the world wide outdoor community. Now it’s shown at OutDoor fair in Friedrichshafen on July 13-16, where it’s also nominated for the prestigious Scandinavian Outdoor Award.
As one of the world’s leading trade fairs, the OutDoor fair in Friedrichshafen certainly is all about the outdoor life. Morakniv is attending with their entire outdoor range, including the newest stars Eldris, Garberg and Kansbol.
Eldris is nominated to the prestigious Scandinavian Outdoor Award, in the hardware category. The winner will be announced during the OutDoor fair.
The pocket size knife Eldris is highly anticipated among outdoor users across the world. Its size, the possibilities to transform it into a neck knife and to perform forceful as well as precision tasks, are just some of the features that have made it a must have for any outdoor user. The new high profile design and the different colors also add to the success.

Пожелаем удачи. Модель всё же весьма приятная получилась. Напомню:

Morakniv Eldris
A pocket size knife is easy to bring with you, no matter the size of your adventure. For a day long hike it’s perfect for creating splinters for the self-evident  re, or for a smaller carving project. For the longer outdoor adventure or for the hunt, it will surprise with its strength and versatility. Eldris will allow you to work close to the game you are skinning and will be easily accessible in your breast or leg pocket in cases of instant need.
You can also take your Morakniv Eldris to the next level with the  exible neck knife kit. It enables an even greater use of the knife. Hang it around your neck with the multi- purpose paracord and carry it even more safely using the secondary lock. The minimalist  re starter is perfect for starting a warming  re or lighting a camping stove.

Полная длина: 143 мм.
Длина клинка: 56 мм.
Толщина клинка: 2мм.
Вес: 80 грамм.
(Use with fire starter)
Цена: 27 или 42 у.е.  (с fire starter).

Доступные цветовые вариации:

Практически, на любой вкус :)


И вторая новость от компании Böker. Будет интересна тем, кто участвовал в обсуждении Para-1 Fixed Blade Knife, N690 Stonewashed Blade.

Они прочитали мнения и решили к нам прислушаться. Спасибо всем неравнодушным. Ждём вариации Para.

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