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Spyderco, New.

Как и полагается, ножевые компании презентуют новинки на различных выставках и шоу. Включая BladeShow.
Кое-кто готов представить новинки 2017, а кто-то анонсирует свои модели, которым суждено увидеть мир еще в этом году.
Спайдерко привезли много новинок. Но, я пока начну с четырёх, которые понравились мне :)

C215TIP EuroEdgeTM

Spyderco’s Ethnic Series is a unique collection of knives that recognizes the world’s distinctive cultural cutting tools by expressing them with state-of-the-art materials, manufacturing methods, and design flair. Designed by talented custom knifemaker Ed Schempp, the EuroEdge was inspired by Schempp’s hands-on research in some of Europe’s finest museums and his appreciation of the role that fullerslongitudinal blade grooveshad in the evolution of European knives and swords.

The EuroEdge’s dramatic, near-symmetrical blade is precision machined from CPM® S30V® particle metallurgy stainless steel and features several fullers to reduce its weight and strengthen it. The blades single cutting edge is balanced by a long swedge (unsharpened bevel) and Spyderco’s Trademark Round HoleTM for quick, one-handed opening. The blade is paired with a handsomely detailed handle featuring polished, 3-D-machined G-10 scales and stainless steel liners that form the foundation of the knife’s stout LinerLock mechanism. To ensure ease of carry and immediate access, the handle includes a pocket clip configured for right-side, tip-up carry.

Reminiscent of the style of classic Swiss daggers, the EuroEdge is a highly functional cutting tool that pays homage to Europe’s ethnic knives with breathtaking fit and finish. MSRP $369.95

214TIP AdvocateTM

Spyderco’s Advocate is a production version of custom knifemaker Gayle Bradley’s first flipper-style folder design. Drawing from his extensive experience as a competitive cutting champion, its blade is precision machined from CPM® M4a high-performance tool steel renowned for its extreme edge-holding ability. The full-flat-ground, PlainEdgedTM blade includes both a prominent index-finger flipper and a fully functional Trademark Round HoleTM that allow a full spectrum of one-handed opening methods. To ensure a high-speed, low-drag action, the blade also pivots between special friction-reducing ball-bearing washers.

The Advocate’s handle consists of two radiused, 3-D-machined, solid titanium scales with a unique “orange peel” texture that is both visually striking and provides an enhanced grip. The reverse-side scale forms the foundation of a high-strength Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) mechanism with a long-wearing stainless steel interface that serves double duty as an overtravel stop. The handle also boasts an open-backed construction style to minimize weight and simplify cleaning and a reversible hourglass clip that provides convenient left or right-side tip-up carry. A faithful rendition of one of Bradley’s most unique custom designs, the Advocate sets a new standard in high-performance flipper-style folding knives. MSRP $369.95

FB38GP JunctionTM

Designed by respected custom knifemaker and former competitive cutting champion Gayle Bradley, the Junction is an all-purpose fixed-blade knife that is ideal for hunters, backpackers, and outdoorsmen on the go. Its blade is precision machined from one of Bradley’s favorite steels for his coveted handmade knivesPSF27. This high-performance tool steel is spray-formed to lock in its advanced alloy composition, resulting in an ultra-fine, homogenous grain structure and superior edge-retention properties. To maximize the benefits of this steel, the Junction’s blade features a broad profile, a full-flat grind, and a gracefully curved belly that combine to create incredible edge geometry and ensure optimal cutting performance.

For maximum control and strength, the Junction features a wide, ergonomic handle and an understated integral guard capped by slim, smooth G-10 scales. The scales are permanently secured to the full tang with sturdy tubular rivets that facilitate the attachment of a lanyard and allow the knife to be easily lashed to a pole as an improvised survival spear. A custom-molded Boltaron® sheath and versatile G-ClipTM complete the package, offering a wide range of carry options and ensuring that the Junction is always ready when you are. MSRP $299.95

FB39GP SustainTM

Custom knifemaker Stuart Ackerman specializes in extremely practical, incredibly functional designs inspired by his own real-world experience as an avid outdoorsman and a former infantryman in the Angolan Bush War. Based on his best-selling handmade “Slither” model, the Spyderco Sustain is a truly formidable fixed-blade knife that reflects the hard-won insights of its designer.

The Sustain’s broad blade is saber ground from premium CPM® 20CVan advanced particle metallurgy stainless steel renowned for its edge-holding ability and extreme corrosion resistance. A prominent swedge (unsharpened bevel) on the spine of the blade reduces weight and ensures an acute point without sacrificing strength. It also balances the handle’s sturdy, full- tang construction to give the knife an amazingly deft, lively feel in the hand. The handle’s refined shape includes a subtle sub-hilt for enhanced purchase and an understated, but highly effective, integral guard. Its smooth G-10 scales are meticulously radiused and secured to the tang with concealed pins to offer a clean, extremely comfortable grip.

To protect the knife when not in use and provide comfortable, convenient carry in the field, the Sustain comes complete with a handsomely crafted leather pouch-style sheath. MSRP $299.95

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