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Quaker Gun.

"Absolutely Harmless —- Quaker Guns
A tactic first used in the American Revolution, Quaker guns are cannons carved from timber which are used to confuse the enemy as to a units strength and/or location.  Named after the religious groups from Pennsylvania, who are peaceful and nonviolent, Quaker guns have been used in various forms since.
Probably their most notable uses were during the American Civil War.  In 1862 a large Union force under the command of Gen. George McClellan invaded Northern Virginia with hopes to crush the Confederacy.  Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston was outnumbered and outgunned, and had no other option to but to fall back.  He ordered that all cannon be replaced with Quaker Guns in the defensive fieldworks. Camp fires were also kept burning, and buglers and drummers played throughout the night.  While the Union Army prepared for an attack the next day, Johnston and his men used the deception to quietly retreat across the Rappahannock River. The Next morning, Union forces assaulted an empty position.
While popular in 19th century warfare, other examples exist as well.  German soldiers at Point-du-Hoc set up log and upturned barrels to confuse Allied forces during the invasion of Normandy during World War II.  Also in WWII, the British towed the decommissioned hulk of the Pre World War I battleship HMS Centurion into the Mediterranean Sea, armed with large timber guns, in order to confuse Axis powers as to the strength of the British fleet."

И еще много занятного:

Как раз для субботнего просмотра ;)
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