May 30th, 2018

Morakniv Adventure 2018. Part 1. Day 1 + Day 2.

Be sure: Morakniv adventure - one of the best adventure in your life.
Be sure: this is amazing activity whatever the weather.
Be sure: best of best Instructors - here.
Stunning views, new knowlege, interesting people and, of course, unique learning techniques - everything during 4 days with Morakniv.

Пришло время обещанного рассказа :)

Он будет длин и разбит на две части - журнал не смог вместить одну.
Будут "врезки" на английском, будет лирика и факты, фото и видео. Не будет всего-всего-всего, но будет максимально много, садитесь поудобнее, перенесёмся на несколько дней назад, в Швецию.....
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И мы поехали:
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Ну вот :) Поселились, осмотрелись, пошли соревноваться.
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Наступил новый день.

Day 2

Нас разделили по группам ( это было сделано заблаговременно. мне повезло особо : с моим бейджем я могла идти с любой из групп, менять их, оставаться дольше на каком-либо из мастер-классов и т.д. и т.п. постарась пройти всё.)
Маршрут первого дня - это 12 км. и много интересных воркшопов, маршрут второго дня - в три раза короче и такой же интересный. Пройдёмся немного по основным точкам.
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Остановка 1. BETH MOEN.
Is best known for her beautifully carved bowls that are often very large and impressive. She’s been working with her hands for more than 35 years and has been educated in both handicrafts and furniture carpentry . She also shares her wealth of knowledge as a lead teacher all across the world.
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Остановка 2. JOHAN SKULLMAN.
Is the former military professional who has spent time in most types of outdoor environments. Mountains, water, forest or jungle, irrespective of terrain he always has some trick or critical nugget of knowledge in store. His long experience makes him a goldmine for adventurers.
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Остановка 3. Forest and food. Самостоятельное приготовление+мастер-класс.
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                                                                      Остановка 4. DAVE CANTERBURY.
Has more than 20 years of experience of bushcraft and survival skills. He’s a best-selling author as well as the founder of the popular Pathfinder School where he holds courses teaching basic skills that are invaluable if you suddenly find yourself alone in nature.
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Остановка 5. Torbjörn Selin.
Survival instructor in the swedish armed forces 18 years, and survivalinstructor in the swedish survival guild 10 years.
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Morakniv Adventure 2018. Part 2. Day 3 + Day 4.

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Day 3.Thomas Eriksson. Knife care.
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После занятий мы отправились на обед. Все дни здесь был главным Kasper Tartufo Magh Otto.
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После обеда новые занятия :)

Barn the Spoon.

Barnaby Alexander Carder, known as Barn the Spoon (born 1982), is a British artisan spoon carver, teacher, author and co-founder of Spoonfest, the annual international festival of spoon carving in Edale in Derbyshire, UK. He is also founder of the Green Wood Guild, a collective of green wood carvers who run carving workshops and owns a spoon shop and woodworking venue in Hackney in London's East End. Carder also teaches spoon carving, woodworking and bladesmithing (with master smith Nic Westermann).
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Is a wood worker and woodcarving artist famous for his impressive ornaments and beautiful carved objects. He chisels out stools, chairs, knives, cupboards, spoons and trays, tablets, sculptures and word boards. His craft show “Rhythm and craft” has received great attention, an exhibition of “wood, sweat, and woodchips.”
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Потом был мастер-класс от Tony Daniel.
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Day 4. Morakniv Concept Store.
Утром четвёртого дня мы отправились в магазин Morakniv, где за час легко сделали недельную выручку ребятам)))))
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