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CRKT - 2021. Bona Fide

Продолжаем смотреть на новинки ножевого рынка.
Сейчас вашему вниманию предлагается нож бренда CRKT Bona Fide.
Создал его мой любимый дизайнер Ken Onion
Потому, начинаю с этой модели.
А продолжение - следует  :)
Company: Columbia River Knife & Tool
World-renowned designer Ken Onion made Hawaii home many years ago. So, to pay tribute to his deep love of the island’s rich culture and verdant landscape, he designed the Bona Fide™ everyday carry folding knife to suggest the shape of a traditional Hawaiian waʻa, or canoe. And with Field Strip Gen II, it’s just as powerful as it looks.
The Bona Fide™ folding knife is a substantial everyday carry measuring at just over 8” from the tip of the strong D2 blade to the end of the lightweight textured aluminum handle. The dropped tip of the blade has both the benefits of modified wharncliffe and modified drop point and deploys smoothly with the IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system. Field Strip Gen II lets you quickly disassemble it without tools on the spot to purge it of grease and grime.
Slide the lever up to disassemble, easily releasing the knife into three components. Place the blade between the two handles in the closed position and slide the lever down to reassemble.
Price: $100.00

Virtual Shot Show
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