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Victorinox, 2021 - 1

И как теперь жить?! - пронеслось в моей голове, когда я открыла следующий пресс-релиз.
Это что же, теперь можно выбирать не только разные накладки?!
В общем, и под настроение и под цвет глаз, и под цвет сумочки/обуви etc :)))

Говорю только за себя, но..
Мне очень нравится невыносимо ярко-прекрасный настрой швейцарцев! 🥰
Надеюсь, и вам 😊
Virtual Shot Show 2021
Victorinox launches colorful mini tools

Victorinox launches the Mini Tools, providing yet another opportunity to personalize the iconic Swiss Army Knife.
The Mini Tools come in a set of four different colors, each of them offering a separate functionality. It has never been easier to add functions to new or existing pocket knives, giving them a unique and personal touch.
The new Mini Tools are useful, compact and colorful. To have them at hand when needed, they are easily housed in the corkscrew of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knives from 84 mm to 111 mm. Four different versions and colors are available.
The gray, slotted Mini Tool helps to repair glasses and sunglasses, the green Philips 000 and the blue Torx T4 are designed for compact electronic applications and the red Mini Tool consists of a pin for the easy exchange of SIM cards.
These compact Mini Tools provide on-the-go precision, additional pocket knife functions and everyday solutions for small tasks and quick repairs. Available in a complete set of four, their owners can be prepared for just about any situation.
Constantly striving to enhance personalization, Victorinox is also launching other accessories like toothpicks, tweezers and lanyards in the four matching colors red, blue, green and black. Little things can make a difference and stylishly transform a regular pocket knife into a unique accessory with an individual touch.
The Victorinox Mini Tools are 100% Swiss-made and can be purchased in specialty, souvenir and gift shops, in Victorinox stores and online. Victorinox guarantees all knives and tools to be of first-class stainless steel. Each item has a lifetime guarantee against any defects in material and workmanship.

Мини тулы есть в разных размерах)

И, да, продолжение - следует!
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  • Практично))

    "Конфеты" - хватит надолго, "цветы" - не завянут, "нож" - легален в любой стране))

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    Хорошей рекламы в вашу Ленту ;)

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