Nataliya Grebenschikova (grebenschikova) wrote,
Nataliya Grebenschikova

SOG Knives & Tools - 2021

Началось виртуальное ШатШоу 2021
Пока состоние - ааааа. Куда бежать, как успевать отвечать и вообще))
Офф-лайн всё было размерено, как оказалось))

И так, интересная новинка от СОГ
Pentagon OTF 2021
Company: SOG Knives & Tools
"For years, we've been asked to make an out-the-front automatic, but it was something we didn't want to do until we could do it right.
Pentagon OTF makes a huge leap in mechanical design to deliver a consistently performing and capable automatic, with solid rattle-free blade lock-up utilizing SOG's Dynamic Locking System.
Pentagon OTF features a rugged textured anodized aluminum handle, with a 3.79-inch, double-edged CRYO S35VN steel blade.
CRYO S35VN steel blade
Double-edged, Titanium Nitride coated blade
Reliable Dynamic Locking System blade lock-up
Large, easy to use slide button
Anodized 7075 aluminum handles
Pentagon OTF is offered in Blackout and Flat Dark Earth configurations.
$388.95 MSRP
Available in Fall 2021 "

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