Nataliya Grebenschikova (grebenschikova) wrote,
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Maserin - ответы

В продолжение вчерашней темы о новинках

Отправила ваши+свои вопросы, получила ответы
The price for art. 405 is € 248.00 for the gold series, art. 550 / KT is € 95.00 the 392 / KT 387 / KT and 398 / KT models € 148.00 each.
This article are made in Italy from our company.
For the Sport series art. 46003 4-5-6 € 48.00 each These article are made in China.
All models are available on  web  At the moment we have not included the sport line art. 46003-4-5-6
To Sergio Consoli we gave your addres and he will contact you.
The materials: Steel D2 Italy N690 Austria 440C France Handle: Titanium Italy Ebony Italy but come from Africa G-10 Usa
We have also NATO Ncage AJ968 for military supply and UNI-EN 9001-2015We make various checks on the materials and the finished product. We have the chemical analysis of the materials for the batch of knives.
For heat treatment eve ry 100 blades we check the HRC hardness with our hardness tester.
All the processing stages of our made in Italy knives are done within our company.
If you need more information, you can contact us.

Если будут еще - пишите)
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