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Walther PP, Джеймс Бонд

Изначально в Беверли-Хиллз предполагали, что стоимость этого пистолета составит от 150 до 200 тысяч долларов.
Речь шла о первом оружии, из которого суперагент Джеймс Бонд в исполнении легендарного Шона Коннери стрелял на старте "бондианы" - в фильме "Доктор Ноу", вышедшем на экраны в 1962 году.

С суммой немного ошиблись.

Как сообщили в своем пресс-релизе представители Carl Walther GmbH ушла модель за 256 000 долларов.


"Pistol icon achieves record sum:
Walther PP used by James Bond auctioned for US$ 256,000
The Walther PP, used by Sean Connery in his first Bond movie, Dr. No, was recently auctioned by Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills for over a quarter of a million dollars.
In the film, "M" (Bernard Lee) introduced the gun as Walther PPK. Still, in reality, Connery was carrying the Walther PP, which became the standard equipment of many Bond heroes.
In 1929 Carl Walther introduced the Walther PP – Police Pistol – to the public. Walther mainly manufactured the PP in caliber 7.65MM (.32 ACP). It was far ahead of its time in terms of design and ergonomics and thus the first world success of its creator Fritz Walther.
Approximately one million Walther PPs have been produced since its introduction.
However, even more, cult status than the Walther PP achieved the Walther PPK – Polizeipistole Kriminal, which Walther introduced in 1931. Over 500,000 pieces were manufactured since then. The PPK is considered to be "the" style icon of German pistol manufacture. This pistol started what is referred to as concealed carry today.
Because of her unique silhouette and rounded-off design, the pistol is still considered the most beautiful pistol ever built. Therefore the demand for the Walther PPK is unbroken, and it is sold in considerable numbers foremost in the USA.
The PPK is a must-have for every serious collector."
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    Интересно, как они выбирают оружие при покупке, после лет такой службы? Проверки оружия и внешнего вида солдата церемониальной роты почетного…

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    Правильный домашний питомец))))

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