Nataliya Grebenschikova (grebenschikova) wrote,
Nataliya Grebenschikova

Tom Buckner

Tom смотрит и улыбается..
Я развожу руками - такая полировка, что даже своды потолка видны)))

Он интересный Мастер, хоть в наших краях и "редкий гость"

The look and feel of a knife is a great reason for choosing a custom knife.
Simply put, it’s different than what everyone else has.

 Different how?  It may be the shape of the blade or the handle.
The type of handle material can be very distinctive.
When you choose wood, horn, or other natural material, each piece is “one of a kind”.
The blade may have a look that is unique due to its shape or thickness.
It may be that you want a knife whose fit and finish is more appealing.  
What can be said about the feel of a knife?   Hand size varies a lot.
Custom knives offer you the opportunity to get just the right weight and balance.
One of the great pleasures in purchasing a custom knife is picking it up and feeling it was made for your hand.
The shape of the handle may seem generic but when you pick up several knives of the same type you will find that there are subtle differences.  A custom knife offers the opportunity to pick what suits you as an individual.
Custom knives are usually of better quality than mass produced knives.
Makers generally select steels that are specific to a particular use of the knife.
Many of these steels are difficult to work and finish to the exacting levels you can expect from a custom knife, which is reflected in the cost of the knife.
Custom knife makers have been on the leading edge in the application of knife making steel technology.
When new steels become available, it is the custom makers that bring them to the attention of the mass market.
A quest for better edge retention is a driving force in the world of the custom knife.  
If you’re seeking the best look, feel and materials, put together in a manner that is individual to your taste, a custom handmade knife is your answer.  I believe that it is the hope of every knife maker to produce an heirloom that will be used for generations. -
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