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 Интересная тема - так как и огнестрельного и холодного в фильмах хватает :)

Episode 1: Criminal Minds
A murderer tries to kill his final victim as the car they are in slowly sinks to the bottom of a lake.  The only way to save the victim is to rescue her as the car continues to sink.  We test fire multiple handguns underwater to see if you can actually penetrate a car windshield and save the victim.
Episode 2: Jaws
In this iconic scene, Chief Brody hangs on to his sinking boat as a giant shark approaches him with a scuba tank lodged in its mouth.  We construct a giant shark on a motorized platform to test if you can hit, and explode, the tank with an M1 Garand rifle while perched in a precarious position.
Episode 3: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
In this classic western, Clint Eastwood – aka “Blondie” – saves Eli Wallach from the hangman’s noose three separate times by shooting and severing the rope that he hangs from.  We recreate each scene and test the reality of these shots with the weapons that were used.
Episode 4: Die Hard
John McLain (Bruce Willis) finds himself dangling from the side of a building.  The only way to save himself is to shoot through the glass window and break through to safety.  Using the same Baretta 92 handgun, we reconstruct the office glass and see if our host can break through.
Episode 5: The Score and Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
Using a unique method to crack a safe, Nick Wells (Robert De Niro) uses a blowtorch to cut through a safe, fill it with water, and blow the door off using a small explosive device.  We test this, along with the effects of a 20mm antitank rifle on a safe from the movie Thuderbolt and Lightfoot.
Episode 6: Rambo
John Rambo’s ability to decimate enemies all by himself has created some of the most incredible weapon stunts in Hollywood history.  We test the reality surrounding these iconic scenes from this blockbuster franchise.
Episode 7: Casino Royale and Under Siege
Hollywood has definitely created unique ways to cause explosions throughout its history.  In Casino Royale, we test the reality of exploding a large group of propane filled tanks by shooting them with a Walther PPK.  Additionally, can you really create a bomb with common aerosol cans cooked in a microwave?
Episode 8:  Star Trek: The Gorn
Captain James T Kirk’s battle with the Gorn alien is the most popular episode from the original series.  He defeats the Gorn by creating gunpowder from the base elements found on the planet.  We partner with the Star Trek museum in New York – home of the fully reconstructed Enterprise bridge – as we test the reality of making gunpowder by hand without actually blowing yourself up.
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  • Выставочное..

    Проходя мимо, чего только не услышишь: - Да острые они. У меня тоже такой нож был, из титана без присадок (с) / входим в эру новых рассказов))) /…

  • ))))))

    Прошло 5 лет и 2 дня и он снова мне позвонил: "Цитирую из телефонного разговора: - Здравстуйте, девушка! - Здравствуйте! - Девушка, у меня…

  • Таааак. Пойду перепрячу "импортные приблуды"

    :)) Таааак. Пойду перепрячу "импортные приблуды". А то почитаешь такое с утра и страх беретЪ: "Заточка ножа столь же не повторима , что почерк…

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