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ПоГолливудим? RAMBO.

Много лет тому назад, в Германии, я познакомилась с мужчиной, который мне запомнился тем, что с горящими глазами рассказывал о своём кумире Сильвестре Сталлоне, добавляя в рассказ интересные моменты и детали. Как мечты сбывались и становились явью, как он рос, укреплялся в своём увлечении, работал над собой и спустя почти тридцать лет встретился со Сталлоне.
А потом и не только с ним.

Шли годы, я узнавала о Поле всё больше. Он - интересная Личность.

Впрочем, мы с Дитмаром продолжаем общаться и сейчас, потому мне повезло видеть и кадры со съёмочной площадки задолго до официального выхода "Рэмбо: Последняя кровь" и держать в руках "тот самый нож" :-)

Думаю, в будущем нас ждёт еще много интересного, а пока давайте вернёмся к ножу Рэмбо. Точнее, к двум: MK-8 и MK-9.

From the very first contact it became clear that Stallone wanted to go in a completely different direction than with the last two parts. The knives were now to become much more tactically natured and take up the technical aspects of the first Rambo knives. Stallone also attached particular importance to the size of the knives with blade lengths between 8 and 9 inches. For this purpose, the actor sent pictures of himself with knives of comparable size in his hand. The overall proportions simply had to be right. "When I had all this information on the table, I knew that Sly and I had the same ideas about the knives," recounted Dietmar. In addition, Stallone had also been intensively involved with the earlier work of the German knife designer and had expressed clear ideas about the Bowie knife. With an extremely short time window of only a few days, Dietmar designed both the Tactical Fighter (MK-9) for the final fight and the Bowie Knife (MK-8) that Rambo used at the beginning of the film. Already after the first drafts it was clear that Dietmar was on the right track. To make the proportions even clearer for Stallone, the designer sent pictures of his hand holding paper prototypes. The star’s comment, “Dietmar, we’re almost there… make the blade of the Bowie a bit slimmer, so that it comes across even deadlier,” signaled that the design of the MK-8 (standing for Movie Knife 8”) had been decided. As a special feature, Stallone asked for a possible redstag handle for the knife. For a knife of this type, with a relatively large handle, this was already a challenge. To find stag horn in a reasonable quality and in such dimensions is not easy, but again Pohl set all levers in motion to be able to present a stag horn variant of the MK-8 Bowie on schedule.

The MK-9, which Sly later during the shooting named the "Heartstopper,” was clearly first and foremost an uncompromising, tactical designed blade, as one would have expected from the German Tactical Knife expert. Anyone who takes a closer look at the design will see Dietmar Pohl's clear and distinct design language, as applied with his legendary Pohl Force Alpha One, for example. In addition to the typical Pohl Force CNC-milled handles, the screws with hole and slot in particular, set a very technical accent. The screws, like the blade hole at Spyderco, have become the hallmark of the German knife company. With the exception of some all-steel constructions, there is actually no Pohl Force design without the typical screws. The purpose of this "Form follows Function" screw was and still is the possibility of tightening or loosening the screw with a coin. Another design element, which Stallone was already familiar with from earlier Pohl designs, was the so-called "Skull crusher" at the end of the handle. In both designs, this striking element skillfully protrudes out of the end of the handle and gives the knife an additional weapon element to the actual blade. The end of the handle contains yet another Pohl specialty, the concealed lanyard hole. While on most knives on the market the lanyard hole is simply drilled through the end of the handle and then usually reinforced by a tube, both the MK-8 and the MK-9 are equipped with a hole hidden under the handle scales. Elegant and practical at the same time.
Stallone gave Dietmar free reign for choosing the other materials and surfaces used for the knives as long as there were not any reflective metal surfaces. Another condition for Stallone was the use of leather for the sheaths. As a movie knife collector and tactical knife expert, who was so strongly influenced by the film First Blood, the German designer incorporated his experience gained over more than three decades into the coordination of the details. Just as Jimmy Lile was far ahead of his time with the First Blood Survival Knife 1982 and used elaborately milled screwdrivers on the guard or matt sand-blasted surfaces on the metal surfaces, Dietmar did not shy from using high-tech materials such as titanium. Titanium is 40% lighter than steel, and the sandblasting gives it an unusual anthracite appearance. After all, Sly wanted the knives to not only look tactical, but also showcase the technical elements. For the handle material of the MK-9 "Heartstopper” only OD green Canvas Micarta came into question for Dietmar. This was the link between First Blood and Last Blood. Matted surfaces and a green handle, here however as a cord wrap, which also characterize Lile's design from 1982. A brown leather sheath then completed the last film knife used in the Rambo series. To be on the safe side, Dietmar also brought a prototype with black G-10 scales to the presentation. But only the OD green Canvas Micarta gave the "Heartstopper" the right tactical charisma, which also enthralled Sly on the set of Rambo - Last Blood. The MK-8 provided the option of the stag horn and G-10 as well as noble ebony.

From design to real prototype.

After an extremely short window of time for the development of the designs, Sly approved the project and the next challenge presented itself: prototype construction. Under normal circumstances, with appropriate planning and lead time no problem in itself, but both knives were supposed to be finished in different versions, as well as pure "Prop Knives" with cut off blades and sheaths were required, all within only 14 working days. In order to achieve the precision required by Pohl Force in the implementation of the designs, only prototype construction with a high CNC component was considered. CAD design drawings from Dietmar's hand sketches first had to be created, clamping fixtures for the CNC systems needed to be designed and built, and the list went on and on! For the German designer, the only possible manufacturing partner for the implementation of the prototypes was Lionsteel, a manufacturer based in Maniago, Italy, which over the years has repeatedly won a wide variety of BLADE awards, including the "Quality Manufacturing Award". Gianni Pauletta, a long-time friend and business partner of Dietmar, immediately offered his support. But even voluntary overtime from highly motivated technicians didn’t stop the project from being a real race against the clock. In the final and decisive week of prototype construction, Dietmar Pohl and his assistant Sebastian Lucke joined the Lionsteel team in Maniago to discuss final decisions and details on site. "I've probably never drunk as much espresso in my life as I did those days," Dietmar admitted with a smile. But in thanks to their combined efforts, Dietmar and Sebastian managed to accomplish it and sat in the plane from Venice to Sofia to personally (and on time!) present the knives to Sly and the Prop Team.

Я знаю не понаслышке насколько крепкий кофе у ребят из Lionsteel, а ещё знаю о том насколько оба коллектива умеют "выкладываться по полной". Поставили задачу и выполнили в срок. Молодцы.

И Сталлоне

Плюс ещё интересные фото в коробке:

Вот так :)

И, конечно же, не могу не упомянуть сайт Дитмара :
на котором можно увидеть лимитированные коллекционные ножи MK-8 и MK-9

Если будут вопросы - с радостью передам их Дитмару.

И мы с ним не исключаем новую встречу с вами офф-лайн. Многие вспоминают первую - было душевно :-)

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