Nataliya Grebenschikova (grebenschikova) wrote,
Nataliya Grebenschikova

CZ P-10 Micro

На  пресс-конференции Ceska zbrojovka представили CZ P-10 M без ожидаемых заявлений про убийцу GLOCK.
Будущим владельцам предлагается лично оценить преимущества данной вариации P-10.

CZ P-10  Full Size -  CZ P-10  Compact - CZ P-10 Subcompact - CZ P-10 Semicompact и теперь  P-10 Micro - сверхплоский полимерный пистолет.

- Smallest version of the P-10 series (9x19 mm micro category)
- Weighs 525 grams
- 7+1 capacity in 9x19 mm
- Stand-out accuracy for a micro 9mm, tested to the same standards as the P-10 C
- Simplified trigger mechanism that maintains the P-10’s light pull and crisp break
- Simple internal slide stop
- MIL-STD-1913 rail for lights/lasers
- Undercuts in frame allow a high, stable grip
-Easy manipulation and control due to stippling and front/rear serrations
- Cold hammer-forged barrel and hardy nitride finish
- Legendary CZ production quality and attention to detail
(Optics-Ready variant coming soon)

Extraordinarily reliable and exceptionally accurate super-compact pistol of the high-performance 9×19 mm calibre.
Despite its radical miniaturization, this model keeps all key advantages of the popular striker-fired CZ P-10 series,
including its excellent egonomics and user-friendly operation of the trigger.
With its firing capacity of 7+1 and internal slide stop, it is an ideal defence or back-up firearm for comfortable
concealed everyday carry.

Так же на пресс-конференции отдельный разговор был о возможности создания моделей по своим предпочтениям :

выбор стран на сайте скоро станет больше + будут некоторые особенности - расскажу дополнительно

to be continued.
Tags: ceska zbrojovka, cz, guns, pistols, новинки, оружие

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