Nataliya Grebenschikova (grebenschikova) wrote,
Nataliya Grebenschikova

Buck Knives, новинки

Как ни крути, лично мне (кстати, а вам?) в линейке Buck Knives нравятся только их старые, добрые классические модели.
Но, раз уж они запустили новинки, но не могу не поделиться)

Что ж.. Почему идут производители в нишу кухоных ножей - понятно.
А вот что из этого выйдет у них - решит потребитель. То есть мы с вами ;)

Итак, новинки по 70-80 долларов, чехол - 20 долларов.  420 НС, конечно же 

The Abyss Series of fillet knives incorporates cutting edge technology into a comfortable, ergonomic handle. Utilizing Buck’s Cerakote lab, the 6 ½” and 9 ½” blades are coated with a polymer-ceramic composite coating that provides superior protection against abrasion and corrosion. With the same flexible trailing point blade as the original Abyss fillets, the full tang construction allows you to make efficient and clean cuts. The textured handle is shaped for control and comfort while holding in multiple positions over long periods of time. Each knife comes with an injection molded nylon sheath is covered by Buck’s famous Forever Warranty.
“Our fillet knives were designed with the input of pro anglers working alongside our Engineering Team. These updated fillet knives underwent rigorous testing to check the blades and handles for any signs of oxidation, specifically in saltwater conditions,”said Chris Brooks, Director of Brand Management of Buck Knives. “Our goal was to create a durable knife that could withstand the elements without sacrificing quality and the Abyss series fillet knives are the perfect addition for the tackle box.”
Each knife was proudly made in the USA. MSRP: $70-$80.
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