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SHOT Show 2020. LionSteel.

Стенд LionSteel в Вегасе мне объективно понравился в этом году.

Я в целом люблю эргономичные ножи, не особо больших размеров и не тяжёлые. И знаю, что у итальянцев найдётся  то, что мне нравится.
В 2020 году они даже фиксед изящным сделали.

А их Thrill Integral Slip Joint так приятно "лёг в руку", что теперь стал одним из моих любимых EDC ножей.

Вот с данной модели и начнём :)

SlipJoint knife, “no locks” mechanism, built from a single piece of material completely obtained by milling. SOLID LionSteel technology.
The blade is made out of M390 stainless steel, satin finished. The spring tip is reinforced with a treated stainless steel insert.
This knife features the patented lionSTEEL HWAIL system that allows you to “hide” the clip inside the handle, so it can be used at owner's discretion.
The presence of the IKBS system allows a very smooth movement of the blade.

Technical specifications
Total length: 180 mm. - 7.09 in.
Blade length: 80 mm. - 3.15 in.
Sharpening length: 75 mm. - 2.95 in.
Closed length: 100 mm. - 3.94 in.
Total thickness: 14 mm. - 0.55 in.
Blade thickness: 3.3 mm. - 0.13 in.
Total weight: 88 gr. - 3.10 oz.
Blade steel: M390 sintered stainless steel, 59-60 HRC
Blade finish: Satin finished
Locking system: Slipjoint
Frame: Titanium 6AI4V

Рукоятки - самых разных цветов :

Новинка 2020 - фиксед под названием B35 стал продолжением новинки прошлого года B40 :

The B35 is a fixed blade knife, suitable for every camp usage and especially useful for mountain hikes. The B35 limited dimensions make it easy to wear without penalizing its bushcraft knife features.
The B35 is equipped with a Sleipner steel blade, which guarantees a high endurance sharpening. The blade is available with a satin finish while the handle is provided in five versions: olive wood, Santos wood, walnut wood, black G10 and green Canvas.
Designed by Molletta, the B35 has a handle with a unique ergonomics, that allows to hold the knife in both ways, that is to say, with the thumb towards the blade or towards the end of the handle.
The B35 is supplied with a double seam leather sheath.

Technical specifications
Total length: 203 mm. - 7.99 in.
Blade length: 90 mm. - 3.54 in.
Sharpening length: 87 mm. - 3.43 in.
Total thickness: 17 mm. - 0.67 in.
Blade thickness: 3.7 mm. - 0.15 in.
Total weight: 137 gr. - 4.83 oz.
Blade steel: Sleipner stainless steel, 60-61 HRC
Blade finish: Satin finished
Handle material: G10 ( or olive wood, santos wood, walnut wood, green Canvas)
Sheath: Leather with double seam

И, безусловно, новинка под названием bestMAN :
bestMAN is an E.D.C. (Every Day Carry) folding knife born to be your closest friend in the everyday duties. lionSTEEL goes back to the classics, developing a modernized version of this knife with innovative technology and high quality materials.
bestMAN comes either with a single M390 sintered steel Clip blade, or with two M390 sintered steel blades, Clip and Wharncliffe. It is available with 6AI4V titanium bolsters, while the scales can be made of olive wood, santos wood, natural canvas, ebony or carbon fiber.
For its light weight and average dimensions, bestMAN is the new ideal slipjoint knife to carry with you in every situation

Clip blade length: 71 mm - 2.80 in.
Wharncliffe blade length: 65.2 mm - 2.57 in.
Total length: 170 mm. - 6.69 in.
Blade thickness: 2.5 mm. - 0.10 in.
Total weight: 68 gr. - 2.40 oz.
Locking system: Slipjoint

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  • Morakniv

    Небольшое "кино"

  • Dietmar F. Kressler

    Дитмар, безусловно, признанный Гений интегралов, но этот мой экземпляр в его исполнении, тоже весьма хорош

  • Улыбнувшись)

    В лимитке викториноксов меня особо радуют такие бонусы :) В догонку к теме о значках)))

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