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SHOT Show 2020. Zieba Knives.

Признаюсь, я была удивлена увидев в списках участников #SHOTShow 2020 Zieba Knives.

Всё же не ножевое шоу и не шоу кастомных работ..
Но, добавила его стенд в свой планер и забежала между встречами посмотреть и пообщаться. Michael подтведил, что целенаправленно выбрал из двух тематических мероприятий в Вегасе эту выставку и вероятно она останется в его списках и дальше :)

Michael Zieba comes from a small town in Poland. He came to the USA in 2005.
His passion for crafts began with helping his father in a furniture factory when he was just 11 years old. After completing his studies in New York and majoring in architecture, Michael opened his own business, Zieba New York. During that time, a strong passion for metal grew in him and he decided to engage in the designing and manufacturing of knives. Each of his knives is a real masterpiece created with great attention to detail. The craftsmanship and its technology make Zieba knives one of a kind not only in the USA, but also all over the world. For years, he had been drawing inspiration from glass, jewelry and metal processing, in order to develop his own, unique style in the artistry of knives. Michael Zieba has gained a significant position among craftsmen all over the world and has received a lot of awards, among others “the Best New Maker” during the Blade Show Award in Atlanta, GA in 2016 for his achievements and for the unique collection of knives, which amazed all of the experts. He is the first Polish man ever to receive this award. Zieba New York creates his own projects for companies such as: Beretta, Shinola.... “Success demands hard work” Michael Zieba CHARACTERISTICS The Zieba Knives Company specializes in unique design and short series as well as unique, individual projects for exhibitions. The knives have a modern design with the use of precious metals. They are characterized by original solutions, a sense of modern trends and timeless designs. Each knife is made of the highest quality materials and designed with exceptional care. The products are exclusive because they are made, among others, from titanium, cobalt, silver, gold, and precious stones.

Сайт :
Страничка на ФБ
Инстаграм: @michael_zieba
         И немного из январских работ:

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  • Böker

    А почему бы и не да :) "Böker P08 Damascus изготовлен из ствольной стали пистолета Парабеллум или просто Люгер :))…

  • "Как скучно я живу.." (с)

    Напомнило несколько похожих картинок, популярных много лет тому)

  • :)

    Тяжелое детство, деревянные игрушки?))

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