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Nataliya Grebenschikova

Victorinox - новинки весны 2020.

Итак, новинки Викторинокс на весну 2020 ;)

All you need is cheese 
and wine. And bread.
And the cheese master :-)
Как же швейцарский бренд без ножа для фондю? Вот, теперь есть:

large blade with 2/3 wavy edge
cheese blade
fondue fork with bottle opener
key ring
height: 18 mm
length: 111 mm
weight: 125g

The Classic, Cadet and Pioneer pocket knives are all available in aqua blue as part of the Alox Limited Edition 2020.
Самый маленький - 58 миллиметровый Classic Alox - edc knife. 84 миллиметровый Cadet Alox и 93 миллиметровый Pioneer Alox.

В красивом оттенке :)

sporty. unique. limited.

И самая большая линейка классики, конечно же :)

2’155 Blueprints for the new Classic Limited Edition “Sports of the World” were submitted by Victorinox fans via an online crowdsourcing contest. The resulting entries delighted the family-run Swiss company once again in terms of their variety and creativity, testifying the dedication and imagination of their customers all over the world. A final vote on the brand’s website awarded the ten winning designs.
Biking, hiking, skateboarding and climbing are only a few of the winning designs with the most votes from around 8’200 fans worldwide. Designers faced the challenge of representing their favorite sports on a surface of just 58 mm, the size of the scales of the Victorinox Classic pocket knife.
small blade
nail file
screwdriver 2.5 mm
key ring
length: 58 mm
height: 9 mm
net weight: 21 g

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