Nataliya Grebenschikova (grebenschikova) wrote,
Nataliya Grebenschikova

Maskull Lasserre.

Канадец Maskull Lasserre.

Встречала его работы не раз. Особенно часто "скелет топора", конечно.

Но, как оказалось, не топором единым :)

Будет время - загляните на его сайт, там много креативного :)

К примеру, проект с оружием ( 2019 года, еще в процессе, обновляется ):

Since my experience with the Canadian Forces Artist Program in Afghanistan, weaponry and musical instrumentation have resonated within my work. Compressive waves compose both melodic sound and exploding ordnance. Both artillery and Instruments affect their targets at distance. To raise a meticulously designed tool to your shoulder, to have expertise in the minutia that allows its discharge in the service of your purpose, to have the discipline, training, and allegiance to perform with your cohort, can put you equally in an orchestra pit or a gun turret. The Antebellum Orchestra Project serves to move from the design and creation of hybrid musical weapons to their deployment in the hands of musicians or soldiers in both live and recorded tactical recitals. This project is still in its early days, please stay tuned...(с)

Tags: интересно, искусство, мастер, оружие

  • Перерыв

    Немного позитива в Ленту))

  • Опасный какой

    Ну, лвдно, ганблэйд так ганблэйд (тм)

  • XL + more)

    Найти бы время и добавить еще разного про этот завод :) душевно там..

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