Nataliya Grebenschikova (grebenschikova) wrote,
Nataliya Grebenschikova

FICX 2019. Roman Stoklasa.

Roman Stoklasa из Чехии занимается ножами вот уже тринадцать лет.

Стиль его работ вдохновляет многих. Пытаются повторять и копировать.

А мы с вами посмотрим на оригинальные ножи, которые Роман представлял в этом году на FICX в Париже.


I was born in 1978. Since early childhood I used to run away into my own worlds - to the plains
of the Indians, to the seas of the Vikings, pirates and corsairs; or to the sky of the heroes of World War II. I preferred being in the woods rather than at school.
Later I spent some time working in a furniture workshop and for over ten years I was involved in the production of replicas and the restoration of applied art of the North American natives.
However, all that time, I felt strongly drawn to knives. As a child, I would destroy my parents’ and my grandmother’s kitchen knives when I used them as hunting knives for my adventures.
The age of the internet provided a great opportunity to access huge amounts of information, including advice on how to make a "proper" knife. For weeks, I would browse galleries of renowned knifemakers, reading through forums and eventually I realized that I couldn’t imagine my future without being a knifemaker. I used my savings to buy a belt sander and with a clear vision, I set to work.
That was 2006. When I look back at that time today, I’m sure that it was the best adventure I could have embarked on.
Tags: ficx 2019, knifemaker, new, roman stoklasa, выставка, новинка, нож

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