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Hermann Masshammer. Custom Folding Knives. DMG.

Всегда есть Мастера, стремящиеся привнести что-то новое в ножевой мир.

Сегодня мы с вами поговорим об одном из них - это Hermann Masshammer.  На DMG-Show 2019 в Sindelfingen он вновь радовал своими работами и своим присутствием посетителей выставки.

Ознакомиться с работами можно также и на сайте:

А мы посмотрим на то, что было представлено в Sindelfingen в начале сентября этого года :)
Слово непосредственно Мастеру:
World’s First
The Adjustable Slip Joint Folder
An idea that has been stuck in my head for many years was to create a slip joint folder with which it is possible to adjust the pretension of the spring which isn’t usually possible for a normal folding knife.
After many designs and construction of prototypes, it is finally time to announce: The system for the adjustable slip joint folder.
Using a single screw attached to the rear of the pocket knife, the inner mechanics allow to continuously adjust the spring.
Now it is up to each and every person individually to choose their own preference of pretension setting: soft, intermediate or hard. Moreover, the spring can unwind fully. This allows movement of 45°, giving space to clean any potential dirt that can collect over time. Furthermore, the installation and removal of the blade is now simple and easy for cleaning.

Stainless Steel 1.4034 hardened at 57 HRC, refined with thumb stop, ricasso and recess to open the knife

Phosphorus Bronze with double sunburst pattern and recess for free wheel
24 carats gilded
925 silver with soldered up interlayer made of bronze

By Ludmila Svozilova with gold insert
Grip plate:
Camel Bone with 925 silver inserts and refined surface
Spring mechanics adjustable via regulating screw
Incl. leather bag, leather sheath (padded with buckskin) and Screwdriver

Была представлена и другая модель : Slip Joint Folder with brown Micarta Scales:

а ещё на столе присутствовали такие аксессуары:

продолжение следует :)
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