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Kenneth Steigerwalt. Francesco Pachi. Part 2.

Вторая часть знакомства с Great Persons in the World of Knives.

Сегодня мы с вами увидим ещё одну великолепную работу Кена Штайгервольта.
Мастера, который лучше многих знает, что нет предела совершенству.
И доказывает это себе и окружающим постоянно. Начиная с 1981 года.

As you know Francesco Pachi and me introduce our new project about Great Persons in the World of Knives.

The name of Francesco Pachi is well known for knife masters and not only for them.
A talented man is talented in any craft, so Francesco is known not only with his knife masterpieces highly appreciated by collectors: for a long time he was the head of, probably, one of the most famous knife Guilds in the world, the Italian Knife Guild.
Besides, he makes amazing photographs appreciated by collectors not less than his knives.
Currently he his occupied with photography only. But still the knife world, be these real knives, photographs, exhibitions, books, or anything else, here are his world and his life.

One publication by me - one photo by Francesco - one famous knife maker.

Франческо Паки и я представляем вам наш новый совместный проект.
Пожалуй, на сегодняшний день Франческо, в прошлом знаменитый найфмейкер, является самым известным фотографом, передать ножи для съёмки которому, уже большая честь.

Ни для кого не секрет, что ножи, которые появлятся в Каталогах,"приобретают дополнительную ценность".

Мы вместе с Франческо хотим рассказать вам о Людях, которые стоят за этими ножами.
Сейчас взяли подборку за прошлый и позапрошлый год и готовы пригласить вас в удивительный мир - the world of custom knives.

Today about Ken Steigerwalt.

Model: Helix
"A completely new design being featured at AKI.
This 4 1/2 inch closed lock back folder is a departure from the more angular style of the Bauhaus and Astrum designs I have made.
Incorporating a more art nouveau style to the blade, handle shape and inlays.
I hope to give this design a new and interesting look.
The multi-dimensional blade is shaped like a tree leaf and is inlayed with 14K gold.
The handle is designed to flow seamlessly with the blade in the open and closed position. The 416 stainless handle frames are inlayed with black lip pearl and 14K gold in designs that blend art nouveau and early art deco into a new interesting look."

Работа была представлена на AKI 2015.
Имя Ken Steigerwalt неоднократно появлялось в списках победителей различных конкурсов на  Blade Show  (и других мероприятиях).

Родился он в 1963 году. Первый нож сделал в 1978-м. А спустя три года хобби парня переросло в постоянную деятельность.
Не раз, делав обзоры ножей известных брендов, я упоминала, что это коллаборейшн Кэна и той или иной фримы.
"My name is Ken Steigerwalt, I've been building knives full time since 1981. I started out making my first knife on the kitchen table with a vise and some files in 1978 at the age of 15. Ever since then it's been a passion and a journey to build a better knife than the last.
I primarily make pocket knives with a lockback or front lock mechanism. I have made many other types of knives and am always willing to try something new. I'm most widely known for carving seashell patterns in the bolsters and handle material called scalloping. This type of carving has become a trademark of my work and makes my knives easily recognizable to collectors who have heard of me.
I won 11 Blade show awards in 7 consecutive years from 2002 to 2008 including 2 best folder awards, one best folder of the year, 3 best handle designs. I ended competing at the Blade show in 2008 with wining best fixed blade which won best of show. I have also won best folder at the Plaza Invitational and the Chicago show.
Enclosed in my website are pictures of knives I've made over the past few yeas. There are many other designs I've made besides what has been show. If you would like more information on knives shown or not shown please email me with you request.
From time to time I will be showing knives on my website for sale at retail price for the collector purchase. These knives will only be sold to collectors and not dealers in order to give collectors a chance to purchase knives from me directly. Another great way to purchase a knife directly is to find me at one of the shows I attend. My primary shows are, Solvang CA show, the Milan Italy show, the Blade Show and the Boston Art Knife Invitational.
Thank you for the support all have giving me in continuing to make knives full time and striving to always make a better knife.


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