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Techno 2 : Marcin Slysz + Spyderco

Марчин известен нам как Мастер создающий Little Big Knife - эдакие крепыши. И его коллоборация со Спайдерко всегда хороша в результате.

Techno 2 - модель, которой уже есть год, соответственно, не новинка, но образец интересный, потому оставлю о нём информацию.


C41PYL5 / SYL5
MSRP: $329.95
ORIGIN: Taiwan

Marcin Slysz custom collaboration: Titanium scales
Reversible tip-up deep-pocket wire clip
CTS XHP stainless steel blade
Stonewash tumble finished blade/scales
Anodized green standoffs
Different blade profile than original Techno model
R.I.L - Reeve Integral Lock

In 2012, Spyderco released our first collaboration with Polish custom knifemaker Marcin Slysz—the Techno. Its elegantly simple design and robust construction style immediately caught the attention of the Spyderco community and shined a spotlight on Slysz and his exquisitely crafted custom knives. In short order, the Techno earned a devoted following and helped redefine the concept of the compact folding knife.

Although Slysz later collaborated with Spyderco on two other designs, the Techno continued to captivate end users all over the globe. As its popularity steadily grew, so did the number of requests we received for an updated, even more refined version. Slysz, who already had his own ideas to improve the design, was very happy to oblige and responded with the Techno 2.

Like its predecessor, the Techno 2 packs tremendous strength and utility into an amazingly compact package. Its stonewash-finished blade is still crafted from premium CTS® XHP stainless steel, but its thickness has been reduced from 4.5mm (0.177 inch) to a trimmer 3.5mm (0.138 inch). Instead of a full-flat grind, it features a high saber grind that maintains a full-thickness spine for strength, while ensuring superior edge geometry for low-friction cutting performance. The blade’s profile has also been refined to a near-sheepfoot shape instead of the previous drop-point pattern. This provides enhanced point utility and cutting leverage compared to the original. Strategically placed jimping on the thumb ramp provides a non-slip purchase for maximum control during use and a signature Trademark Round Hole™ allows swift one-handed opening.

The Techno 2’s handle has also been fine-tuned, while still retaining all the key qualities of the original. It consists of two thick scales precision machined from solid 6AL-4V titanium. Both boast a handsome stonewashed finish and are machined to accept the knife’s deep-pocket wire clip, which is easily reversible to support left or right-side tip-up carry. Instead of the G-10 backspacer of the first-generation design, the scales of the Techno 2 are linked by green-anodized titanium standoffs that reduce weight and create an easily cleaned open-backed construction style. The reverse-side scale forms the foundation of the knife’s stout Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) mechanism, which locks the blade securely open during use, yet can be easily released with one hand. For end users who like to accessorize their knives with lanyards or fobs, the Techno 2 also includes a generously sized lanyard hole.

The highly refined Techno 2 is a compact, extremely practical cutting tool capable of performing with authority far beyond its size. It clearly transcends its predecessor, while continuing to showcase Marcin Slysz’ distinctive approach to knife design.

OVERALL: 5.98 in / 152 mm
BLADE: 2.52 in / 64 mm
EDGE: 2.44 in / 62 mm
WEIGHT: 3.4 oz / 96 g
GRIND: Saber
ORIGIN: Taiwan

Сталь : CTS-XHP
Покрытие : Stonewashed
Замок : Frame Lock
Механизм открытия : Отверстие
Рукоять : Титан
Вес: 96 г
Длина общая: 152 мм
Длина клинка: 64 мм
Длина рукояти: 88 мм
Толщина клинка: 3,5 мм
Отверстие для темляка, карманная клипса


Marcin Slysz’ fascination with knives began at an early age with his very first pocketknife. As his interest grew, some of his friends who were avid knife collectors started introducing him to the world of “serious” production and handmade knives. Unfortunately, Slysz found that those knives also came at “serious” prices that were well beyond his budget. Undeterred, he decided that if he couldn’t buy the knives he wanted, he would make them.

Slysz crafted his first knife in 2006—a heavy fixed blade that he made using only a file and lots of elbow grease. Although it was a slow, extremely laborious process, he thoroughly enjoyed it and was convinced he had found his life’s calling. Shortly thereafter, he invested in a grinder and began making knives in earnest. As fixed blades led to folding knives and his skills and tools continued to improve, Slysz ultimately decided to quit his full-time job and embark upon a career in knifemaking. He’s never looked back.

Now regarded as one of Poland’s premier custom knifemakers, Slysz specializes in high-tech, tactically themed folders made with state-of-the-art materials. He prefers the strength and light weight of titanium and Timascus for folder handles, and the look and texture of sand-blasted canvas Micarta™ for fixed blades. For blade steels, he works mostly in RWL34™, but also uses CPM® S30V®, 154 CM, Damasteel®, and custom-forged stainless Damascus from Chad Nichols. The vast majority of his designs feature titanium handles, Reeve Integral Locks (R.I.L.), and premium stainless steel blades; however, he is equally comfortable making slip-joint folders, a broad range of fixed blades, and a variety of specialized tactical tools and gadgets. He even does his own engraving on both knives and the occasional piece of handmade jewelry.

Slysz’ impeccable craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail have made his custom knives extremely popular with both collectors and discriminating end users worldwide. They also attracted the attention of Spyderco’s leaders and made him a natural choice for a collaboration project with Spyderco. The 2012 release of his Techno folder created an immediate stir and quickly earned him a passionate following in the Spyderco community. It was followed by the Slysz Bowie™ in 2014 and the SpydieChef™ in 2016, both of which continued to broaden Slysz’ popularity and the knife community’s appreciation for his work."

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