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Francesco Pachi. Charles Bennica.

Продолжаем знакомство с Great Persons in the World of Knives уже во второй части.

Дополняем Галерею Работ Мастеров, о которых я уже писала и, конечно же, добавляем новые Имена.

As you know Francesco Pachi and me introduce our new project about Great Persons in the World of Knives.

The name of Francesco Pachi is well known for knife masters and not only for them.
A talented man is talented in any craft, so Francesco is known not only with his knife masterpieces highly appreciated by collectors: for a long time he was the head of, probably, one of the most famous knife Guilds in the world, the Italian Knife Guild.
Besides, he makes amazing photographs appreciated by collectors not less than his knives.
Currently he his occupied with photography only. But still the knife world, be these real knives, photographs, exhibitions, books, or anything else, here are his world and his life.

Франческо Паки и я представляем вам наш новый совместный проект.
Пожалуй, на сегодняшний день Франческо, в прошлом знаменитый найфмейкер, является самым известным фотографом, передать ножи для съёмки которому, уже большая честь.

Ни для кого не секрет, что ножи, которые появлятся в Каталогах,"приобретают дополнительную ценность".

Мы вместе с Франческо хотим рассказать вам о Людях, которые стоят за этими ножами.

Сейчас мы взяли подборку за несколько лет и готовы пригласить вас в удивительный мир - the world of custom knives.

Today about Charles Bennica

Model : folder knife
Size : 110mm closed
Blade : RWL 34, rotating on ball bearing.
Handle : 416 stainless steel with inlays of old bakelite, gold, damascus and natural Mediterranean red coral.
Sheath : skin snake or display box, handmade by Chantal Bennica
More : I like to used and harmonized natural coral, gold and damascus. They give a precious touch at the knife accentuated by the gold brilliance and the rarity of the coral. These three material suit very well together. - Charles Bennica

Работа была представлена на AKI 2015.

Ножи от Бенника весьма оригинальны и их сложно перепутать с какими-то ещё. Путь Мастера был долог. И появился он с обычного мужского интереса и хобби.

Родился Шарль на Сицилии в 1949 году. В семилетнем возрасте уже жил во Франции, куда иммигрировала его семья.
Свои первые ножевые работы сдал делать в семнадцать лет. А в 39 лет Бенника уже открыл свою настоящую и серьёзную мастерскую по изготовлению фикседов на заказ.
Но, рынок требовал и фолдеров. Шарль к такому повороту событий оказался готов.
Первый фолдер был представлен на выставке в Тьере в 1992 году.
Запорный механизм, полностью интегрированный в рукоять, общий дизайн и качество изготовления складных ножей Шарля, не могли оставить многих равнодушными.
Работает Мастер со сталью RWL 34, использует кораллы, золото и перламутр.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________ -

The Artistic Process
When I began making knives in 1988, my background as a tool and die maker helped a lot in starting the fabrication. It had given me a foundation that allowed me to overcome technical difficulties I encountered through my first experiences; and I learned a lot by improvising in my own way. I had for example chosen to make hidden tang knives instead of full tang because of the added strength but also because the cosmetic appearance of the handle seemed depreciated by the intrusion of the steel in the middle; furthermore the cold feeling of the metal in the hand bothered me. But this choice was not facilitating the process and I had to be very ingenious when it came to gluing and assembly issues. Another example is that in my quest of cosmetic and strength perfection, I insisted in adjusting the guard to the blade and not fill the gap with welding. This is how I progress at my own pace in the making of my first straight knives.
As I was technically progressing which is an indispensable quality for a knifemaker, the side I had voluntarily set aside at the beginning was making itself more needed and urgent, I needed to develop a personal style for my knives. When I realized this, I stopped making and focused solely on designing. I sought the critique of my drawings from friends and family; and we were trying to find the design that would identify my style. It was obvious that the ones who had met success, the legends such as Bob Loveless, Ron Lake or Michael Walker, had all created a style, which had imposed itself. I wanted that at the first look at one of my knives, people would say “It is a Bennica”.
The task turned out to be difficult because custom knives have been greatly explored and I didn’t so much aspire at revolutionize the knife designs as making it my own. Back then, as is still true today, I wanted to keep in mind the original function of the knife: in the hand and not only in the collection cabinet. I wanted a line with this idea because the knife is first a tool, from the everyday user cutting a material or food to the hunter dressing an animal. It must be useful to all. I looked for an ergonomic shape for a solid and pleasant grip like a handshake. This led me first to consider a voluminous handle, thick and round, on which the hand would have a strong and comfortable grip. Furthermore, so that the knife would be safely anchored to the user, I wanted the butt end to act as a guard, keeping the hand on the handle.
This was the path I followed even if today my knives are considered more as collector knives than tools. On this path my line was carved, that which identifies me in today’s custom knife world. In fact this is so true that a new challenge arises for me to design another “Bennica” which would find its place next to this first inspiration that is still alive 25 years later.
Back then my fixed blades were made with a lot of care (they still are!) but to develop the custom aspect I started making adjustments to the handle materials, separating them in 2 parts. However even through such projects I was not advancing my practice much and quickly found my limits in the fixed knives world. I needed to find a new technical challenge.(c)


25. Sergio Ramondetti - “RAMON” -

+ 2 part:

Pekka Tuominen
Juergen Steinau
Richard Tesarik
Tashi Bharucha, Samuel Lurquin
Ron Appleton
Ron Lake
Gray Taylor -

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