Nataliya Grebenschikova (grebenschikova) wrote,
Nataliya Grebenschikova

Fuad Accawi, Shot Show 2019.

Celebrity Appearances! Fuad Accawi (and his knives, of course :) in Vegas during Shot Show 2019.

В этот раз список известных Личностей-гостей Shot Show был довольно интересен. И первым я обратила внимание на имя Fuad Accawi. Ценители передачи Forged in Fire точно знают этого обаятельного кузнеца.
Застала я его на стенде в окружении девушек, для которых он демонстрировал искусство правки ножей :)

Пока он рассказывал, я рассматривала ножички :)))

Они были разные:

На сайте можно увидеть и наличие и цены:

Fuad Accawi.

Fuad Accawi was born American in Beirut in the early 70's.

His Mother - Half Native American Cherokee raised in Tennessee, and his Father a Christian Lebanese descendant of the French Sacrouge, from a village named Magdaluna. Fuad has been making knives for over 30 years now.
Over the years Fuad has held several jobs. He apprenticed in college to a jeweler and within a few years he was an accomplished bench jeweler. Next he moved on to machine work where he apprenticed in a well-stocked manual machine shop with lots of good guidance from talented old school machinists.

Fuad has been published numerous times, Won the "Peck Award" for best Journeyman Knife in 2008, and done many forging & finishing demo's, recently for University of Tennessee's department of Material Science, and several TV pilots for The History Channel. He also had an appearance on History's "How Stuff Works-Steel". And of course, Fuad was one of the most memorable finalists ever on Forged in Fire.

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  • Harpy

    А малышке Harpy в этом году же 24 годика, однако)) Харизматичные Spyderco

  • Дерево

    И человек, умеющий с деревом работать

  • Very hard :) Very-very))

    И хоть HRС закончились на значении 72, книга по маркетингу шептала: "покрой до 100" )))))

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