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SHOT Show 2019. Новинки. Buck knives.

Зайти на стенд к Buck knives в Вегасе было обязательным пунктом.

Я знала, что у них кадровые перемены и была ( и остаюсь ) уверена: компанию ждёт новый виток.
Для начала старую-добрую классику разбавили серией, на базе 110-112-ых моделей, Slim.

Накануне вылета по фото она мне не понравилась, а вот в зале - наоборот.
Ребята всё же смогут в скором времени допилить конкурента "крыске" (розничная цена - 38 долларов)

A new colorful EDC based on an American classic, the 112 Ranger, the 112 Slim possesses the same traditional features but sports a more modern look. The deep carry pocket clip is added based on the overwhelming customer demand and allows for quick and easy access in any situation. With easy one-handed opening, the 420HC stainless steel blade provides supreme edge retention and is finished with Buck’s Advanced Edge2x Blade Technology. To decrease the weight and thickness, the heavy bolster and handles are replaced with a lightweight molded nylon while still maintaining the same quality and rigidity of the original 112.

This is Buck's standard blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Add our exclusive heat-treat process and you have a very user-friendly combination of superior corrosion resistance with excellent strength for wear resistance and durability.
You also have a blade that is easy to resharpen. For best performance we harden to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58.

Overall length: 7.25”
Closed length: 4.25”
Made in the USA.
BLADE LENGTH:3" (7.62 cm)
WEIGHT:2.5 oz (70.87 g)
SYSTEM:Pocket Clip
ORIGIN:Made in the USA

Больше подробностей - после IWA 2019.
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