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SHOT Show 2019. Новинки. CRKT. K350KXP-Slacker.

Сегодня посмотрим на новинку от моего любимого дизайнера Кена Ониона - нож Slacker.

K350KXP Slacker:

Ken Onion reimagines CRKT® Field Strip. Again.

The new Slacker™ everyday carry folding knife is a Ken Onion personal thought experiment realized: can an attractive, low-profile knife be built around Field Strip?

The short answer: Ken has proven himself once again, and another standout knife joins the Field Strip line.

Originally designed as a personal everyday carry, his friends loved it so much, they insisted that he bring it to CRKT® for a full production line.
Only slightly modified from the custom he built himself, the Slacker™ houses a satin-finished drop point blade between a textured aluminum handle.
The checkered pattern not only balances the look, it makes for solid grip amid daily grime.
Onion says, “The checkering is really classic. I like the aesthetic and it does what it’s supposed to do.
The masculine look is what I was going for.” If it starts to slow down, Field Strip lets you restore it to perfect working order on the spot.
Ken designed the Slacker™ by and for himself. So naturally, the knife industry couldn’t live without it.

How Field Strip Works
To disassemble, close the knife, then push the front release lever away from the blade.
Spin the turn release wheel on the rear of the handle away from the pivot shaft—once you feel the handle release, pull it up and away from the blade.
Reassembly is as easy as reversing the procedure, allowing for practical, quick maintenance where you stand.

The Slacker™ manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $99.99
Link to Product Information Page:
Blade: Length: 3.32" (84.43 mm) Edge: Plain
Steel: 1.4116 Stainless Steel Finish: Satin
Thickness: 0.11" (2.9 mm)
Closed: 4.31" (109.4 mm)
Open: 7.69” (195.3 mm)
Weight: 2.6 oz (73.7 g)
Handle: Aluminum
Style: Folding Knife w/Locking Liner

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