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SHOT Show 2019. Новинки. Coltellerie Maserin.

Сегодня предлагаю снова окунуться в мир итальянских ножей и зайти к ещё одному производителю из Маньяго - Maserin.

Вот сайт производителя -
Если зайти в раздел "о нас", то можно узнать, что это традиционный семейный бизнес :

"In 1960 Maserin Fervido started the production of knives after having experienced this kind of production for several years. His intention was to produce a high quality range of knives both in shape that in materials. Today, after almost 50 years experience, our family keeps on producing high quality knives reaching high standard levels of the process of production . Year after year we effort to find new solutions, new materials in order to have the best cutting tools you can find. We strength to look for perfection through research, love for beautiful shapes, well done products maintaining the tradition of the past and of the ‘made in Italy."

Честно: у меня не было ни единого ножа от Maserin, чтобы судить о качестве.
Но, когда речь идёт о количестве я часто вспоминаю первыми именно их: в своё время меня поразило сколько же вариаций всяких мелких ножей выпускают эти итальянцы.

И ещё: когда работаю на выставка, то те, кто меня смотрят-читают, просят зайти на этот стенд.
Значит, интерес есть.

Так и до тестирования дойду :)

А пока, Лас-Вегас, #SHOTShow2019, Maserin - новинки 2019.


This knife is designed by the young designer Giacomo Toncelli.

Sturdy knife also suitable for heavy duty applications, having a thickness of 3.20 mm and made of D2 steel with a high carbon content that ensures excellent cutting.

The knife is equipped with the 'Flipper' opening system which guarantees a quick and safe opening.

The clip is reversible and fits the port  on the right and on the left.

The knife with Micarta Canvass handle in various colors with its particular design ensures excellent grip.


In 2008 we started the collaboration with the knife maker  Morotti Attilio ‘ ATTI’, after many successes, this year, we present a variant to the first model he designed for our company.

This is the Gourmet knife and dedicated to those who want a personal knife to bring to the restaurant.

The knife is embellished with handles in colored and stabilized maple burl and now we use the excellent stainless steel with high carbon content W1.4116 with leather sheath


This is Maserin 'E.D.C.' model with Micarta Canvas handles.

The blade steel is D2 and the finish is Stonewash.

We have created a traditional knife revisiting our 80s model but without a blade block and with modern materials and quality finishes.


This is Maserin 'Scout' model with Micarta Canvas handles.

The blade steel is D2 and the finish is Stonewash.

We have created a traditional knife without a blade block but with modern materials and quality finishes.

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