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SHOT Show 2019. Новинки. REVO. Knives

Я как-то пропустила их прошлым летом. Сейчас получила релиз - зайду, посмотрю..
Stainless Steel, правда, настораживает)  Кое-где нашла упоминание о "девятьхром" на модели Warden. Она, к слову, в нескольких цветовых вариациях доступна.

REVO believes that no one should ever be without high-quality tool.
The founders of REVO observed that all too often people would end up with cheap, low-quality knives because they believed higher quality products necessitated a higher price tag.
They set out with a belief that everyone can have access to a superior product without having to break the bank.
Thus REVO was formed with all of their products engineered for maximum value, function, and quality.
The REVO team understands the importance of having a knife for every situation and occasion.
REVO: The Next Level!

Multi-dimensional. Unlike traditional karambits with a hawk bill/hook style blade profile, the K9 offers a robust tip and useable edge for daily cutting tasks. This karambit can handle any task and is extremely multi-functional offering precision and efficiency. The pivot is bearing driven, allowing the knife to open smoothly. The pocket clip allows for multiple carry options. For those seeking a dynamic knife, the K-9 Karambit is the perfect fit, your everyday companion.
Overall Length: 7.93”
Blade Length: 2.83”
Blade Material: 9cr18mov
Handle Length: 5.1"
Pivot System: Bearing
Weight: 6.8 oz Handle
Material: Stainless Steel
Clip Material: Stainless Steel
Download High Resolution Image
Price: $68.99
Sometimes less is more. The Warden was designed to make a minimalist footprint when carried, but offer a full-size knife experience when in use. Designed with a slim profile and lightweight in mind; the size won’t be noticed when it’s in the pocket, but the utility will shine when deployed for everyday tasks. The action is also spring assisted, so opening and closing the Warden is quick and easy. The Warden uses a liner lock system and G10 Scales for comfort and grip.
An excellent example of the Value and Function mission put into every REVO product!
The Warden features a spring assisted opening mechanism for ease of blade deployment.
Jimping is at the top of the spine for additional grip and control. Thumb stud is knurled/serrated for extra grip when opening and closing.
Price: $35
Engineered for maximum value, the BERSERK has a unique shape and opening dynamics that redefine what an EDC knife should be. Ready for any task, it deploys smoothly with a bearing driven pivot system. The BERSERK has a robust build and design that sets it apart from many other knives. It combines durability with functionality and can be used for any cutting task large or small. With a reversible pocket clip, the BERSERK is a knife for any occasion and can handle anything you throw at it.

DETAILS: Overall Length: 8.00” *End to Tip Blade Length: 3.75” *Choil to Tip Blade Material: 9cr18mov Handle Length: 4.7" Pivot System: Bearing Weight: 6.38 oz Handle Material: Stainless Steel Clip Material: Stainless Steel

Price: $59.99
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