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SHOT Show 2019. Новинки. WALTHER.

WALTHER Introduces Increased Performance: The All New Q5 Match Steel Frame

Carl Walther GmbH is proud to offer the highest level of Quality and Precision on the market with the Q5 Match Steel frame.
Combining the industry leading PPQ Quick-Defense Trigger, superior accuracy, and unmatched ergonomics found in the popular Q5 Match model, while adding in a high-quality precision-machined frame, the Q5 Match Steel Frame has raised the bar in pistol performance. The pistol comes standard with LPA Fiber Optic front sight, LPA Adjustable rear sight, and optic mounting plates to accommodate most micro red-dot optics available. The Q5 Match Steel frame will initially be available in two models: the Q5 Match Steel Frame model with three fifteen-round magazines, and the Q5 Match Steel Frame Champion model with new WALTHER Performance accessories including a low-profile magwell and aluminum magazine extensions that increase the capacity to 17 rounds.
“WALTHER’s goal was to take our existing high-performance PPQ, the Q5 Match, and push the boundaries of performance further than anything offered on the market,” said Bret Vorhees, Director of Product Development for Walther Arms. “The Q5 Match Steel Frame exceeds all expectations in terms of performance, quality, and attention to detail. This new product line shows what WALTHER is really capable of, and it’s just the beginning.”
MSRP for the Q5 Match Steel Frame starts at €1,699.00 and are available for purchase immediately.
Coming up January 21st: For more information on the WALTHER Q5 Match Steel Frame product line, visit

Maybe you asked yourself why not combine up to date striker fired pistol technology and high grade steel?

WALTHER’s Steel Frame is the answer. We are taking the Q5 Match to a new level: 1,160 grams of high performance steel.
Q5 Match SF Champion
with adjustable Champion Grade Trigger, blue low-profile magwell and magazine extension
The new STEEL FRAME Key Features:
All-steel construction
Extended Dust Cover / Rail
Wrap-around textured grip panels
Steel Guide Rod Assembly
Beavertail on Frame
Factory Tested Performance Accessories
The robust Steel Frame construction results in extremely controlled recoil.
Perfect aggressive texturing on grip panels provides first class ergonomics.
The Q5 Match Steel Frame features the best trigger of any striker fired pistol available today and WALTHER’s unmatched attention to detail and quality is why the Steel Frame is the new must in competitive world of shooting.

+ "кино" о прошлых годах:

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