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Francesco Pachi. Josef Rusnak.

Сегодня поговорим о Мастере - Josef Rusnak, а так же о прекрасном фотографе - Francesco Pachi и о них на ножевой выставке Ficx Paris 2018, где Мастер принял участие.
Продолжаем знакомство с Great Persons in the World of Knives.

As you know Francesco Pachi and me introduce our new project about Great Persons in the World of Knives.
The name of Francesco Pachi is well known for knife masters and not only for them.
A talented man is talented in any craft, so Francesco is known not only with his knife masterpieces highly appreciated by collectors: for a long time he was the head of, probably, one of the most famous knife Guilds in the world, the Italian Knife Guild.
Besides, he makes amazing photographs appreciated by collectors not less than his knives.
Currently he his occupied with photography only. But still the knife world, be these real knives, photographs, exhibitions, books, or anything else, here are his world and his life.
One publication by me - one photo by Francesco - one famous knife maker.
Франческо Паки и я представляем вам наш новый совместный проект.
Пожалуй, на сегодняшний день Франческо, в прошлом знаменитый найфмейкер, является самым известным фотографом, передать ножи для съёмки которому, уже большая честь.
Ни для кого не секрет, что ножи, которые появлятся в Каталогах,"приобретают дополнительную ценность".
Мы вместе с Франческо хотим рассказать вам о Людях, которые стоят за этими ножами.
Сейчас взяли подборку за прошлый и позапрошлый год и готовы пригласить вас в удивительный мир - the world of custom knives.
Today about Josef Rusnak.

Model: "African beauty"
Работа была представлена на Ficx Paris 2018.

Josef Rusnak - чешский Мастер, который доводит ножи до состояния : "совершенство".
"When I was young I was interested in art and diy wood carving, drawing and oil painting. I then worked in a school specialized in a different crafts. Teaching metal processing, welding, forging.
I started making my own knives and soon realized that a lot techniques  I already knew could be used an a very small space like a knife handle.
Some knives were created in my dreams, however most of time the knives are designed after long and precise work.
Once I've created the desing I don't build te knife immediadely. I let it mature for a while, sometimes even for years."

to be continued
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26. Corrado Moro -
27. Michael West -
42. Dario Quartini -
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