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Blade Show 2018. Spartan Blades. William W. Harsey.

Как всегда дружелюбный стенд Spartan Blades - обязателен к посещению :)
Представляли они Formido ( по тегу Spartan в журнале вы легко найдёте предыдущие публикации, не буду повторяться ), а также Tactical Trout, Harsey Pocket Tool Plain и новые аксессуары. Зайдём к ним.

Harsey Pocket Tool Designed by William W. Harsey Jr, this EDC pocket tool is just the thing for prying and self defense. Its easy to carry wether attached to your keys or in our pocket.
Don't abuse your knife prying! Use your Harsey Pocket Tool!
Knife Name:              Harsey Pocket Tool
Designer(s):              William W. Harsey Jr.
Overall Length:          4"
Thickness:                 .25"
Blade Steel:               AL64V Titanium
Weight:                     0.063 LBS (Oz) (Knife)
( 75 $ )

Crusader Cross Bead ( 10 $ ) etc

Pewter Spartan Helmet Bead ( 5$ )
US made lead-free pewter bead Spartan Blades helmet (1/2" Dia)
Fits a double strand of 550 para-cord and most accessory cords.
0.200" Dia lumen (hole) through bead
One bead only, no para-cord provided.
Many of our customers asked for these to tie their own lanyards, so here they are.

Spartan Harsey TT – The Harsey TT (Tactical Trout) was designed to be a very comfortable and robust mid-sized knife for most field tasks and defensive use. The TT’s size makes it easy to carry and wield.
The spear point profile has a flat ground main bevel with a tapered top grind. The blade profile provides for a clean cutting edge with excellent tip strength. The Harsey TT’s full tang and handle provide for neutral balance in the user’s hand.
The contoured ergonomic linen Micarta handle provides for a comfortable confident grip when wet or dry. The pommel has a lanyard hole in the middle of its angled tip. A great all around fixed blade, the TT is well balanced in its size, function and feel.

Knife Name:                          Spartan Harsey TT
Designer:                               William W. Harsey
Overall Length:                     9"
Blade Length:                        4 1/2"
Blade Thickness:                   3/16"
Blade Steel:                            CPM S35VN
Blade Hardness:                    58-60 HRC
Blade Style:                            Spear Point - Flat ground main bevel with tapered top edge.
Coating:                                  PVD - Tungsten DLC (Black) or ZrN (Flat Dark Earth)
Handle Material:                   3D Contoured Linen Micarta® (Black or Camouflage)
Weight:                                   0.460 LBS

$350.00 :)
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