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Blade Show 2018. Lionsteel.

Итак, основное, что можно рассказать об участии компанииLionsteel на  Blade Show  в этот раз, это их приз:
2018 Manufacturing Quality Award.

Lionsteel производит огромное количество  продукции для многих брендов. Потому, такая награда логична..
А в качестве участника соревнований был представлен нож под названием ROK. Давайте посмотрим.

ROK is the new LionSteel knife for 2018. It is designed by Molletta Design, while all technical parts are developed by LionSteel. This knife features two important innovations.

First, it introduces the new H.WAYL System, a LionSteel patent that allows to hide the clip while using the knife: the clip can be pulled out only when needed.
The second innovation is the NFC technology, which we added to the knife box: this way, you do not need to look for more information about the product, but the knife itself will give them to you: care instructions, details about how it was built, or general information regarding LionSteel.

Like in the TRE, the ROK has the option to take the flipper away, in order to have a knife that can be opened with one or two hands.
This knife has a SOLID Titanium handle with the Rotoblock safety system. The locking bar is reinforced by a stainless tip so it can't be damaged by the blade.

The blade is made of M390 steel from Bohler, obtained with powdering technology, with  a 59-60 HRC hardness.

Overall length: 198 mm. - 7.80 in.
Blade length: 86 mm. - 3.39 in.
Blade thickness: 4.5 mm. - 0.18 in.

Net weight: 156 gr. - 5.50 oz.
Frame: Titanium 6Al4V
Blade steel: M390 Satin

Available starting end of September 2018.

PRICE : € 380.00

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  • Хмм

    Интересно, а как бы он ножи метал?

  • Найфоманское, накануне пятницы

    Теперь Luzon Cold Steel буду представлять в таком виде)) Ему бы "прорезь" тоже впору была бы))

  • Как вам?

    А чего 30, а не 40 уже?) 2021 BLADE Show Knife – Large Sebenza 31 Special Edition – Chris Reeve Knives…

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