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Blade Show 2018. CRKT. Caligo™. Maintenance Tool.

Команда CRKT забрала призовые места сразу в двух номинация на Блейд шоу.

CRKT received two awards at BLADE Show this past weekend in Atlanta: Best Buy of the Year + Accessory of the Year

1. The TJ Schwarz designed Caligo™ took home “Best Buy of the Year”.

“First off, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. The opportunity to design a product and actually see it reach the public is something I could have only dreamed of growing up. Beyond that, it feels like the award is further evidence of the chemistry between myself and the team at CRKT. My hope is that it marks the beginning of a long and productive relationship.” – TJ Schwarz

2. The just released Knife Maintenance Tool, designed by Tom Stokes, took home “Accessory of the Year”.

New CRKT® pocket sharpener takes knife maintenance beyond the garage.
In collaboration with mechanical engineer and knife designer, Tom Stokes, CRKT® is proud to release the nearly-universal Knife Maintenance Tool. Compact, highly effective, and compatible with almost every folding blade on the market, it’s equipped with two sharpeners and two sizes of TORX for high utility in the field.
Tom Stokes dreamt up the jam-packed Knife Maintenance Tool and brought it to life using CAD software in his Williamsburg, Virginia hometown. Small enough to fit on a keychain, it has a ceramic honing edge and a compact tungsten carbide sharpener. Two folding TORX tools (T8 and T6) can remedy loose pivot nuts, pocket clip screws, and back spacer screws. A covert flathead screwdriver and a bottle opener come in handy when prying open food containers and cracking open a cold one at the end of the day.
Of his design, Stokes reminisces, “the inspiration came from wanting the ability to field sharpen, adjust a pivot screw, or tighten a loose pocket clip on a typical folding knife anytime, anywhere.”
So lightweight you’ll hardly know you’re carrying it. Until you need it.

The Knife Maintenance Tool manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $29.99
Link to Product Information Page:
SKU: 9704
Weight: 2.2 oz (62.37 g)
Handle: Glass-Reinforced Nylon
Overall Length: 2.702" (68.63 mm)

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  • Хмм

    Интересно, а как бы он ножи метал?

  • Найфоманское, накануне пятницы

    Теперь Luzon Cold Steel буду представлять в таком виде)) Ему бы "прорезь" тоже впору была бы))

  • Как вам?

    А чего 30, а не 40 уже?) 2021 BLADE Show Knife – Large Sebenza 31 Special Edition – Chris Reeve Knives…

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