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Blade Show 2018. Chris Reeve Knives. William W. Harsey. Impinda.

Bill Harsey пришёл поздороваться ещё с самого утра :)
А к вечеру я попала на стенд Chris Reeve Knives, с которыми Bill сотрудничает долгие годы. Он мне показал их душевный новый нож. Который уже через пару часов забрал приз и звание Best American Made Knife 2018.

( про цену говорить не буду, чтобы не мешать любоваться моделью ;) )

As a slip joint and non-locking knife, the most important part of the Impinda is the relationship between the blade and spring.
The Impinda manages pressure at every point of contact, using a differential spring pressure.
The balance creates a smoother opening, safer closing, and positive engagement in the fully-open position.

Material: Crucible S35VN
Hardness: 59-60 RC
Length: 3.123” (79.324mm)
Thickness : 0.1211” (3.076mm)

Material: 6Al4V Titanium
Thickness: 0.125” (3.175mm)
Length: 4.012” (101.905)

Length: 7.144” (181.4576mm)
Weight:  3.38 oz (95.82 g)
Drop Point
S35VN Steel

The Impinda uses a pocket spring manage opening and closing.
It is a non-locking knife with a blade length that will work in most places with strict knife laws.

Best American Made Knife 2018.

Designed by William W. Harsey.
Manufactured & engineered by Chris Reeve Knives.


Our vision was to make a modern slip joint and to do it well.
One with sleek lines and a functional blade for the outdoors.

And so smooth it clocks open, but closes safer than your grandfather's jack-knife. Introducing, the Impinda: a Reeve/Harsey slip joint made to cut, fold, and repeat.

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