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Morakniv Adventure 2018. Part 2. Day 3 + Day 4.

Продолжаем знакомиться с Morakniv Adventure 2018.

Day 3.Thomas Eriksson. Knife care.

Утром третьего дня мероприятия все вновь разбились по указанным группам и отправились на обучение.

В этот раз я осталась в лагере и прошлась по воркшопам второго (малого) круга.
В самом начале довольно долго нашу группу обучали элементарному, но очень важному : уходу за ножами
( топорами, инструментом и т.д. )

После занятий мы отправились на обед. Все дни здесь был главным Kasper Tartufo Magh Otto.

После обеда новые занятия :)

Barn the Spoon.

Barnaby Alexander Carder, known as Barn the Spoon (born 1982), is a British artisan spoon carver, teacher, author and co-founder of Spoonfest, the annual international festival of spoon carving in Edale in Derbyshire, UK. He is also founder of the Green Wood Guild, a collective of green wood carvers who run carving workshops and owns a spoon shop and woodworking venue in Hackney in London's East End. Carder also teaches spoon carving, woodworking and bladesmithing (with master smith Nic Westermann).

Is a wood worker and woodcarving artist famous for his impressive ornaments and beautiful carved objects. He chisels out stools, chairs, knives, cupboards, spoons and trays, tablets, sculptures and word boards. His craft show “Rhythm and craft” has received great attention, an exhibition of “wood, sweat, and woodchips.”

Потом был мастер-класс от Tony Daniel.

А вечером, традиционно: сауна, ужин, беседы :)

Day 4. Morakniv Concept Store.
Утром четвёртого дня мы отправились в магазин Morakniv, где за час легко сделали недельную выручку ребятам)))))

Вкратце так всё и проходило :)

Следующее приключение уже совсем скоро, в июле, в Японии:

Morakniv Adventure goes international
Morakniv Adventure is our very own outdoor event. Every year, a group of curious outdoor enthusiasts gather in the forests of Mora, Sweden to learn more about the outdoor life, woodcarving, bushcraft and survival. Together with our ambassadors and invited experts, we learn new skills through workshops and courses. Of course the well known Morakniv spirit is present in every part of the adventure.
To spread the word and spirit of Morakniv, letting even more people experience the greatness of nature, we've taken our adventure concept on a ride across the globe. In close cooperation with our distributors, with their vast knowledge of their country and surroundings, we create the best possibilities for unique adventures. That way even more people get to discover the world of Morakniv, our products and our ambassadors.

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