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Christensen Arms Introduces Left Handed Mesa and Ridgeline.

First of all about Christensen Arms.
Founded in Utah in 1995, with roots in the aerospace industry, Christensen Arms developed the first carbon fiber rifle barrel. This patented technology resulted in one of the most innovative advances in firearms within the last two and a half decades. With more than 20 years of firearm experience focusing on incorporating top-tier aerospace materials and processes, Christensen Arms manufactures some of the most lightweight, precise, and accurate firearms in the industry and around the globe.

Christensen Arms is pleased to announce a new left-handed option in both the popular Mesa and  Ridgeline hunting rifles. The materials, components, and American craftsmanship are still the same high-quality product shooters expect from Christensen Arms, simply adjusted to provide a comfortable experience from the other side of the gun.

“As one of our most requested products, we now offer two of our most popular rifles to fulfill the wants and needs of our left-handed customers.” said Jason Christensen, President Christensen Arms.

The suggested retail value for the left-handed Mesa is $1,545 and $2,245 for the left-handed Ridgeline.

Left-handed models are currently only available in standard short-action calibers.

More infomation : Christensen Arms website
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  • The Old Guard

    Интересно, как они выбирают оружие при покупке, после лет такой службы? Проверки оружия и внешнего вида солдата церемониальной роты почетного…

  • Твердость)


  • :))

    Правильный домашний питомец))))

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