Nataliya Grebenschikova (grebenschikova) wrote,
Nataliya Grebenschikova

Viper by Tecnocut. Design by Jesper Voxnaes. Lille.

Viper by Tecnocut выпустили новое видео о ноже Lille (дизайнер Jesper Voxnaes).

Заодно вспомним фото. А увидеть вживую модель можно будет в эти субботу-воскресенье на Стальной Грани :)

Design by Jesper Voxnaes.
Blade - Bohler M390 MICROCLEAN; vacuum, double temper and cryogenic heat treatment;  60-61 HRC; thickness - 3,0mm; satin finish. Liner lock (titanium GR5, thickness - 2,5mm; CNC machining; bead blasted finish);  Liner (titanium GR2, thickness - 2,5mm; CNC machining; bead blasted finish); Spacer (titanium GR2, CNC machining); Handle overlay (titanium GR5 anodized finish; hickness - 1 mm); Clip (titanium GR5 - Ti6A14V); Screews: AISI 303/304 steel; Rotation mechanism: thrust bearings.
Total - 157 mm.; blade - 63 mm.; weight - 83gr.

( and Blade  - stainless damascus steel Bjork twist; thickness - 3,0mm)

Tags: jesper voxnaes, knife, knives, viper, новинка, нож

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